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May 14, 2011

The Helmet Cam Shot of Killing of bin Laden (With One Catch)

The catch is, it’s an animation created by CBS based on the real thing.

So great is the push to see everything that went down in Abbottabad, CBS News has turned the raid into what looks like the first draft of a video game. In the meantime, Senator’s can’t stop talking about — and in doing so, painting a picture of the photos being withheld by the government, from the shots of bin Laden’s corpse to a series of images that purportedly document his burial prep and disposal on/from the U.S.S. Carl Vincent.

In the meantime, I’m now dying to know how “true-to-helmet cam” this frame from the CBS recreation is as opposed to how much it’s sexed up, one Seal giving the bear hug to two identical shapely babes, while his partner shoots around another young woman to get their man.

On first pass, one might say this kind of drama and sensationalism is further reason why the helmet cam video, like the stills, should absolutely not be released.  On the other hand, given the “prying eyes,”  ”no secrets” and also the “we’ll just fill the vacuum with our own pictures” mentality permeating the media, D.C. as well as the internet (as the page views of fake photos of bin Laden’s corpse and recreations like this pile up), I could also imagine more discussions at the White House and the Pentagon about the cost-benefit of releasing actual images simply in the name of clarification.

…Also notice, by the way, how the SEO geniuses at CBS didn’t even quality their title  (“Helmet cams captured bin Laden raid”) to indicate their story is primarily about an animation, as opposed to the real thing.  Link/video.

  • Anonymous

     Silly person, after all you have done for the past few years, why would you ever expect truthful images to emerge from this affair.  If we had camera coverage as good as the Superbowl, (come to think of it, how true to life do you think the images from the Superbowl is.)   You are right however, this was going to be a visual extravaganza whether there are any actual images or not.   

    Although NMA (The Onion of Animated Video) has apparently withdrawn their animation which included Seals urinating on the dead body and 40 virgin pigs having sex with Bin Laden in hell.

  • Lanemeyers

     Well, while I can’t quite top msobel’s comment, I just want to add that it is quite amazing how quickly the crime scene graphics showed up on “the news”.  And then the story about OBL’s porn collection, which is just so Western, I don’t really know how to react to that except that I find it somewhat fictitious. 

    Since Disney Studios has applied for a trademark on the term/name “Seal Team 6″, it’s not too hard to see where this whole thing is going.

    Action Figures. Happy Meals.

    Don’t really know how true that is but it seems we’re going to Disney World.

  • black dog barking

    Where’s the video of the last days of Bear Stearns? AIG? Executives hurriedly scooping piles of bearer bonds into trash bags, having their chauffeurs carry the bags out to waiting limos …into trash bags, having their chauffeurs carry the bags out to waiting limos …

  • Anonymous

    Historical transformation is visibly constituted, posing a significant problem in the case of the killing of Osama bin Laden, both for those who wish to celebrate and condemn.  Daniel Dayan, the renown media theorist and semiologist, explores this,

    • IM Coyote

      I’m curious, how much are you paying to advertise your blog here? And how did you get such special placement, in all the comment sections? Must be a pretty penny, even if it does lower The Bag’s reputation by just that much.

  • bks

    Where’s the animation of the Linda Norgrove fragging?


  • Bugboy

    Can we PLEASE see an O.J. rage killing recreation just ONE MORE TIME!  

    Oops! That was yet ANOTHER media circus! Sorry my apologies!  Same old duff, different decade, we keep begging for death porn.   It must be something primitively instinctive, you know how we are compelled to look at the TV because it makes us think there are predators in the bush?  Or why we are fascinated with porn because or brains can’t tell the difference between images and the real thing.  We get it up for pictures?  What’s that about? We are so intent on squeezing out the dopamine we forget why we are doing it.

  • Chris Schmidgall

    If this is supposed to be a helmet camera image, why is the view from behind Osama and facing the flash of the firing soldier’s weapon? 

  • Jeffrey C. Goldfarb

    I am not paying anyone anything. Rather I respond to the excellent photos and commentary on this site that I find meaningful and refer to things I have been working on or the work of people I admire. In this case, Daniel Dayan, a student of Roland Barthes and a theorist of visibility, has much to say about the fact that the killing of Bin Laden was largely invisible, making the meaning of the event much more elusive and contested. I can’t imagine why this would diminish the reputation of the BagNews. If it did, I would observe and appreciate and not add my thoughts.

  • IM Coyote

    Clearly, you’re not paying to advertise your blog; you’re spamming every comment thread here (and who knows where else) for free in an attempt to drive traffic from a well known site to your own. It’s called blogwhoring and it’s generally viewed as unseemly.

  • Michael Shaw

    I’m afraid IM is right. Before he called you out, you posted twice here (the other comment was on the 4/28/11 post, What Goes Around, Comes Around). In each instance, you offer a sentence or two which specifically drives the readers of my site to a post on your site. Maybe you’re just not that familiar with the ’sphere and proper nettiquete but this is truly bad form. You are welcome to post here, but no more links to your own site.  

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