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May 2, 2011

“Compounding” Irony: Hitler, bin Laden Go Down Almost 66 Years to the Day


Bin Laden compound mil pic

Given that OBL has achieved “Fuhrer status,” I’m not sure anyone has picked up on the irony (visual, or otherwise) that Hitler and bin Laden died in their respective compounds almost 66 years to the day. Hilter committed suicide in the late morning of April 30, 1945, with the Russians less than 500 meters from the building. Bin Laden was  killed on May 1 (around 1 pm Pakistan time).

What do they say, real estate, real estate, real estate? It’s just fascinating to look at this pictures and apply any sense of domesticity, really, to these icons of hell.  ”Honey, can you run over to the bin Ladin’s and borrow some milk? Or see if you can borrow their SAT phone? And while your at it, find out if they plan to clean up that yard a little bit.”

(photo 1: AFP/Getty Images. photo 2: German Federal Archive. caption: The so-called “bunker” in the garden of the Second World War destroyed the Reich Chancellery. Links to the entrance, in the middle of the bomb shelter for the guard. Via Wikipedia.)

  • Irish726

    Is that really a “million dollar” compound?

  • Stephen Kriz

    Did he hear the copters coming? Was he sleeping peacefully, dreaming of his eventual reward in paradise for killing so many infidels? How did he feel when he heard the first gunshots? Did he know the end of the road for him had finally come? Or did he assume that his lackeys were dealing with unwelcome intruders, and that he would live to plot more evil deeds? As his couriers were quickly dispatched by the efficient warriors, did he feel the chill from the cold and certain black wings of the Angel of Death who had come to visit him in the prison of his own making? One thing is certain – he had more time to prepare for his own ending than for the people starting their working day on that cobalt blue September morning ten years ago on the 89th floor of the North Tower. And more time than the sailors drowsing in their cots on that sultry morning in the hull of the USS Cole in the Gulf of Aden. How did he feel when one was finally face-to-face with one of the most finely trained killing men in the history of the world, who had burst into his sad, pathetic bedroom in that faraway compound? Despite the immense body count he was personally responsible for, this killer stood no more chance of winning that confrontation than a petulant child would against a tiger. Were there words exchanged between the U.S. warrior and the evil one, even though neither could likely understand the other? Did he think his young wife would save him at last from his inevitable fate? What was his last thought when the bullet pierced his brain and his life bled out? Will we ever know the name of the man who pulled that trigger? So many questions will never be answered. But we can be certain that in his dreams or in his real life, he did at some point hear the copters coming.

  • Nicole Vilena

    I’d lke to get an areial (or however you spell it) view of Hitler’s compound. I need it for a research project.

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