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May 11, 2011

Bin Laden Been Inspirin’: Lord Vader Addresses the Galaxy

Any thoughts on this analogy — or has the OBL story just jumped the shark?  (Of course, this was pretty popular in ‘08, but he was a friendly.)

(Backstory at the Galactic Empire Times. Photo: Lobot for The Galactic Empire Times)

  • Anonymous

    American voters are now faced with two major political parties to vote for the candidates of: one of the parties favors torture; the other favors planetary death squads. Here’s the difference: one party favors capture in order to be able to torture; the other doesn’t. Quite a choice. I’ll have to go with the capture party… no wait, the kill party… no wait, capture… no wait, kill. Capture. Kill…… Sorry: call me undecided.

    • bks

      It’s very simple, Steve: vote for the candidate who raises the most money.


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