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April 1, 2011

Western Angst (and the Sole of the Middle East)

Looking at Belgian’s in the non-profit sector, particularly nurses and social workers, hurling shoes at their stock exchange, it’s hard not to think about the wave surging through the Middle East, and the inspiration of that democracy movement.

(photo: Thierry Roge/Reuters. caption: A worker in the non-profit sector, which includes nurses and social workers, throws his shoes onto the steps of the stock exchange building, during a protest in Brussels, March 29, 2011. The non-profit sector, numbering some 450,000 people, is complaining about the absence of a new working agreement, partly the result of Belgium lacking a fully fledged government.)

  • Stan B.

    Somehow in the USA, that rightful indignation gets perverted into Tea Partiers yelling at Muslims, union members and the unemployed for causing the economic crisis. Not having the common sense to know who’s kicking them in the butt, they lash out at those less fortunate than themselves (as any bully would) and in the process manage to unknowingly stick that foot further up their own sorry butts, as well as everyone else’s (except those most desrving)…

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