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April 23, 2011

We’re Sorry

Can you imagine executives from Citibank or Bank of America actually showing up at customer’s houses, prostrating themselves before them and apologizing for the mortgage meltdown, and then letting customers berate them over it?

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(photo: AFP/Getty. caption: Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) president Masataka Shimizu (C) and company executives bow to evacuees to apologise for the accident at their company’s Fukushima daiichi no. 1 nuclear-power plant at a shelter at Koriyama in Fukushima prefecture on April 22, 2011. Families forced to flee their homes by radiation leaks from a tsunami-hit Japanese nuclear-power plant on Friday angrily berated the head of the operator as he apologised for the disaster.)

  • Spaniard

    Sure. The bank executives already think they were more than justified in doing what they did, since only the little man lost money, so they were doing their job.

    As long as both D’s and R’s keep giving them more money instead of sending them to jail, they’ll keep doing it again.

  • Peter A. Calvin

    It is a familar image from Japan. A W. Eugene Smith image of a Chisso Chemical Co. Executive apologies to the victims of mercury poisoning in Minamata, early 1970s.(I believe Smith was working there between 71 and 73.)

  • Stan B.

    Wow! That’s fairly impressive- what should be the start of a very long road toward retribution…

    Now, instead of giving us free toasters when we sign up, banks take away homes with forged paperwork. We’re a long way from apology- and we have not only enabled these bastards, we’ve also encouraged their arrogance. Then let them blame us- as we do… nothing.

  • Jeffrey Goldfarb

    The the relationship between social and economic indebtedness is a major issue of our times. How it is addressed is all too clearly related to power.

  • tinwoman

    This all theatre–he can apologize all he wants in a photo op but I doubt anything will change in the company. It’s just a different kind of theatre than we have in the States.

    • Reece Chenault

      I actually disagree with this statement.  

      There is something fundamentally different about an organization that has had to publicly apologize. Honor and respect mean something different in a place like Japan and that kind of thing is hard to fake.  The company itself takes in this change since the notion of community is different as well.
      We don’t honor our workers in the United States.  We also do not care if people get hurt or lose their homes institutionally.  No honor, no feelings.

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