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April 13, 2011

Obama Budget Politics: Target Ryan

A picture likes this makes me love the news photo biz.  In an act of careful timing (and aim), Reuters photographer Kevin Lamarque nails the political strategy behind Obama’s surprise budget address in which GOP budget guru Paul Ryan (having dominated the stage for weeks with his plan to end social security as we know it) gets a surprise dressing down  for thinking he could possibly eclipse the President of the United States.

Typically unflappable, but likely assuming he’s safely offstage, note the hangdog look.

(caption: U.S. House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) arrives to listen to President Barack Obama deliver a speech on U.S. fiscal and budgetary deficit policy at the George Washington University in Washington, April 13, 2011. Obama has proposed cutting ballooning U.S. budget deficits by $4 trillion over 12 years and called for talks with Democratic and Republican lawmakers to address the worsening fiscal woes.)

  • Samwell

    You are in Wishful-thinking Land. There really is such a thing as “seeing what you want to see.”

  • Molly Whipple Douthett


    Are the $8K subsidies for people now on Medicare/Medicaid for a month or a year? I missed that point.

    Either way, if this plan goes through, every person in the US who is $8K above the poverty level is now responsible for the lifelong care of an individual who otherwise would receive Medicare/Medicaid. If you can only afford to care for one person, you take one person as your personal responsibility. If you can afford more, you take them.

    If the Bush tax cuts have been provided for the wealthy to create jobs, then where are they? These folks have had almost a decade to get their business plans off the drawing board and into reality. If this were a legitimate argument, the unemployment rate would be in a much different place.

    And how about making American corporations pay their taxes? Budget deficit reduced remarkably! /rant

  • Stan B.

    Meanwhile, a fair and responsible People’s Budget gets absolutely no play anywhere…

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