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March 7, 2011

I’m On a Drug Called Charlie Sheen #3: “The Science of Charlie”

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Guess that’s what the network calls “penetrating.”

Screen Grab From the ABC Charlie Sheen 20/20 Interview with Andrea Canning.

For the Bag series: I’m On a Drug Called Charlie Sheen

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    Charlie Sheen has led a charmed life, born into Hollywood royalty. He is out of touch with the reality of life the everyday person lives through. Charlie never had to be concerned with supporting himself or earning a living, he rode the coattails of his father’s fame! Instead of being humble, grateful and appreciative, he is obnocious, ungrateful and unappreciative. He is a truly selfish, immature, narcissistic personality! I suggest he grow up before any more damage is done to what is left of his career! His antics have caused anguish to the cast and crew of the sitcom 2 and 1/2 Men! I submit he is not their advocate, but moreover their Achille’s Heal!

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    Oh, The Humanity! Anguish on the set of a situation comedy! Will civilization recover from this Charlie Sheen tsunami?


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    Charlie Sheen have been a great actor, his humor is amazing and you can just hooked in the cinema watching him. It was refreshing to see all those movies. In case you have fertility concerns, I found this site that maybe helpful.

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