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March 12, 2011

Fukushima Explosion

Even if the explosion occurred in the turbine wall and not the reactor vessel (there’s this report vs. this), this screen grab alone — beyond the terror it raises in the pit of my stomach — puts nukes back on trial. Praying for the best.

(By the way, to really tell how bad things are at Fukushima, one thing I’m keeping an eye on is the stock price. Fridays’ Tokyo Electric Power Corp. close:  JP:9501 2,121, -32.00, -1.49%)

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  • Anonymous

    Again, News. the google is inadequate.

  • MeToo

    Japan will pivot and develop wave, solar, and wind generators like there’s no tomorrow within three years. Because, well, there may be no tomorrow… and because they are in a better position to benefit from developing these technologies culturally and politically. Citizens are disgusted with the false sense of security maintained by the current political parties. Turns out, as it does in so many tragedies, the man-made part of a natural disaster is worse than the populace once believed.

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