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February 6, 2011

Reagan 100th B-Day: Palin Takes Bull by the Horns

Yes, I too was taking a break from the ex-Gov.

I do think that all this “”Ronnie @ 100″ hoopla, though, is an occasion for some curious (or should I say, antic) visual politics. Take this photo, for instance. Besides the wonderful sarcasm lent by the wall-mounted hunting trophy (and the fact Reagan looks like he’s riding that man’s head), the fact that Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan line up on the same vector — Sarah having swooped into Santa Barbara to host some 100th birthday reception at some place sorta near the Reagan library called the Reagan Ranch Center — shows how much she’s forcing the association.

There’s more to the picture, though. The teeth-bared Sarah teamed with the woman on the left with the cold stare makes Palin, in the forced comparison with the Gipper (the only other politician who could have pulled off his own nature show), seem just the opposite of genial.

Full slideshow: Sarah Palin Hosts Reagan Ranch Banquet In Honor Of Reagan’s 100th Birthday.

(photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images. caption: Sarah Palin, the former former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor, greets guests after speaking at the Reagan 100 Opening Reception and Dinner in honor of what would have been the 40th president’s 100th birthday hosted by the Young Americans Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center on February 4, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California.)

  • Enoch Root

    What a completely joyless exercise. The older bald man seems genuinely happy to be there, but everything else is clouded with what a hippie friend used to call The Cordial Tense.

  • momly
  • Marsupialas

    The older man is happy because he’s staring at Palin’s ass and he’s thinking, I could have that.

  • Gerry Desrosiers

    When Palin recently said that the USSR collapsed because it bankrupted itself in “winning” (!?) the space race, she inadvertently gave credit for the demise of the Soviet Union to one John F. Kennedy rather than to the Gipper.

    And I thought it was supposed to be gospel that RR won the Cold War single-handedly.

    Much as I disagreed with Reagan’s policies, and greatly regret their lingering effect, I have to give him credit for the one thing he never did (at least in his political life), and that was to spew venom at his opposition. Sarah is venom personified.

    • Vvoter

      “Sarah is venom personified.”

      Gerry Desrosiers, while your historical observations are insightful and informative, surely you can appreciate the irony in a simultaneous a) valorization of Reagan’s restraint with regard to spewing venom and b) total demonization (venomization?) of Palin’s personal character?

      Personally, I would like to see us nurture a political discourse that focuses on an individual’s actions without tipping over into personal attack. Please, leave out the hate. Your last sentence drastically reduces the moral legitimacy of your otherwise helpful contribution to this discussion.

    • gmoke

      Sarah Palin works hard to be the personification of the Mean Girl in her public persona. That could be seen as “venom personified.” Don’t know anything about who she is as a private person but her public presentation is more and more about being a spiteful victim hitting back. If that’s not comfortable for Vvoter, I’m sorry but that’s what I see in her public statements and actions.

  • jmac

    Even though she was spawned by Reagan, she’s no Reagan. She represents the religious faction of the Republican party – Reagan was moderate on the social issues – he voted in California (while President) against school vouchers and was stunned anyone would think he wasn’t for the public school system.

    The Republican party is afraid of her. As well they should be.

  • g

    Slide show link is broken.

    The stern woman looks like a handler who is vigilantly watching the handshakers for improper taking of liberties.

  • Rafael

    Both are fakes, it’s just that Reagan had enough skill to pull it off. Sarah, not so much.

  • Aurora

    Today, the slideshow link is working fine.

    I am surprised, after all the hoopla, how small a gathering it is.
    The crowd could be gathered for supper in some senior living center somewhere in(white) America. And Ms Palin is the activities director, getting them all excited about an outing next week.

    Her grooming seems slapdash and her jacket (screaming LOOK AT ME) does not fit well.

    As she enters the room, there is a delightful framing of two tall stolid gentlemen (bodyguards?) and petite Ms Palin with an exaggerated grin. Reminds me of watching Michelle Bachman exercise her facial muscles and then set on her grin and turn to the internet camera the night of the SOTU counter-speech. Gruesome thing to see.

  • Tinwoman

    She looks to be smiling meanly, always on the verge of a snarl of contempt. From what I hear of her personality, she is extremely egotistical and really thinks she can be the President.

    There isn’t really anything more to be said about that. I’ve already moved abroad.

  • Tinwoman

    Just for the sake of accuracy, the horns on the wall are not a hunting trophy but a decorative set of Texas Longhorn horns. My dad has two. They play into Reagan’s cowboy image–nothing to do with hunting.

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