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February 10, 2011

Congressman Christopher Lee’s Hardware

For the life of me, I don’t know why Gawker buried the original, full length photo of Congressman Christopher Lee (R – Craig’s List),  the latest right wing politician who wasn’t living his truth.  Here’s Gawker’s main story, the photo Lee sent to a woman he was trying to get something going with cropped just below the belt line.  If you check out the photo accompanying the NYT article, they cropped the image even tighter.

Since “the smoking gun” in this story is the photograph, however, you need to see the whole picture (above) to fully appreciate the sexual suggestion in Lee’s email.  It’s not just that the guy posed without a shirt, it’s his inclusion of one piece of hardware to suggest another that makes this as damning as it is.

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  • serr8d


    It’s not likely that many would note the ’significance’ of that upright faucet. I guarantee that Chris Lee (R, Dumbass) was unaware of the nuance.

    Also unaware will be most Democrats in recalling the OTHER New York congressman, Eric Massa (D), who resigned last year after he was accused of groping a male aide.

    Hands-on wins over spigot-up, sorry.

    • ah’ltakyorewurd4zit

      butthen, itz all generix withy ou(?)

    • Rafael

      And Vitter is still around so yeah….

  • Ferry Fey

    What’s that white-knuckled fist all about? He does showers from that golden faucet, and fisting?

  • black dog barking

    David Vitter’s pay-for-play, Larry Craig’s toe-tapping bathroom seduction and arrest don’t meet the bar for public embarrassment leading to resignation. Okay. But I agree with the former congressman, this is worse. He’s made a poster reminding us that temporary loss of blood flow to the brain can lead to bad decisions. Self-inflicted, self promoted. Ouch.

    How can he look himself in the mirror? ((self-stimulated giggle))

    • Narcisleptic Imager

      A not-so-jung former of his shadow self; doeshe notsee Dark Charisma mirrored in his looks (?)

  • jan

    I dislike the cropping because it removes the context, which is, yet another, bathroom scene, a la Larry Craig. The stiff faucet is just a luxurious detail. I, too, am more intrigued by the fist. I would guess the gesture leads to the bicep bulge. He looks to me like a little boy trying to appear to be a big man. But the ploy is so obvious that it just creates a feeling of embarrassment. However, from watching people’s pictures on my FB page, I can say, though Lee’s is a little obviously a come-on, many people use SMS to portray themselves in the most ridiculous ways, clothed and unclothed. Once you go down that road, I don’t suppose this Lee picture seems so brainless. The self as an object of obsession has become a theme of our digital age.

  • momly

    What distresses me about this picture is that there are people, male and female, on whom this would work!

    The inclusion of the faucet in teh photo is, imo, an accident. It would be more intentional if he had wrenched it from the wall and was holding it in his fist. He’ll just have to settle for the Blackberry.

  • Megan

    This is a good portrait on which to use the technique I learned here, of covering up the right and left sides of a person’s face.

    Covering up the left side (as I face him): Looking up, expectant, waiting for a reaction.

    Covering up the right side (as I face him): Sadder, grimmer, more judgmental.

    This is not a guy whose life is in harmony. I hope he uses the life-crisis he’s in now to sort that for himself.

    • Vvoter

      I like this technique, Megan. Where did you learn it, and what for?

      I recommend doing the same thing to that mugshot of Jared Laughner. Talk about a split personality…

  • Megan

    A commenter here mentioned it a few years back; I’ve used it ever since. I remember being particularly impressed with Hu Jintao. His public side is pleasant enough, but his secret side is formidable.

  • Marsupialas

    Wow. He’s in good shape!

  • Thierry

    It’s interesting that he posed wearing make-up. The concealer’s bright as headlights under his eyes.

    • Aurora

      Wasn’t he passing himself off as 39, when he is in fact 43 or 4?

  • g

    I’m glad he decided to keep on the pleated Dockers. Really.

  • Enoch Root

    “..And then one night I saw the infomercial for P90X, so I had to try it!”

  • tony

    What Marsupialas said. He’s kinda sexy. I would do him. But next time SMILE bubba! The serious look doesn’t get you far with the shirtless shot. Check out Grindr next time for some examples LOL.

  • I.M.Shocked

    That’s no Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee played Count Dracula for Hammer Films.
    That there is Bob Roberts.
    Hey Bob, where’s your guitar?

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