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January 10, 2011

The Old Heave Ho

This morning, I was invited to sign up for the TIME photo page on Facebook. Among the images, they were touting this Tea Party photo-illustration as depicting their “Person of the Year” runner-up.

Please note that Sharron Angle, William Temple, Scott Brown, Sal Russo, Rick Santelli, Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Dick Armey, Stephen Broden, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell and Amy Kremer, reading left to right, did NOT pose for this picture. It was the creation of TIME.

I am wondering, though, what you thought of the tone of this opera-like media fancy (as well as the analogy to the original Tea Party itself) in light of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords?

(photo-illustration: Finlay MacKay)

  • Rafael

    A farcical picture for a farcical movement.

  • Michael

    By making the Tea Party look like a stage set for a fun musical, it turns the tea party into, well, a party, and I don’t mean a political party. You could complain that the effect is to disguise and misguide by making something charged and dangerous seem merely picturesque. But it could also mean that the Tea Party is now so taken for granted as a feature, a commonplace, a topos, that it no longer has the sting of freshness its members might want it to have.

  • serr8d

    You’re still desperately trying to blame this on anyone else except Jared Lee Loughner, aren’t you?

    Stir that meme for as long as you can. It’s starting to unravel; then you’ll have to apologize.

    Read the Mother Jones interview with Loughner’s long-time classmate. No linky, because you obviously need the exercise.

    • Rafael

      And you are still trying to dodge responsibility. Go you.

    • Rafael

      Why not put the link? You obviously know how to work a browser.

    • cmac

      The argument has been that the over-the-top violent anti-goverment rhetoric being spewed by the right was dangerous precisely because it was likely to further unbalance the already unhinged. Now an unhinged guy with an anti-government theme to his ramblings shoots a sitting Congresswoman.

      We’re all a little tired of the rightwing penchant for rejecting responsibility, even if it requires rewriting history. So, in the interest of clarity and speed, let me say what we’re all thinking:

      Shut the fuck up, you moron.

    • Stan B.

      Do Democrats urge fellow party members to throw bricks through the windows of Republican candidate headquarters? How many Republican candidate headquarters have had their windows shot out? How many Democrats shoot doctors in their churches? How many Democrats are so frighteningly insecure in their own manhood that they feel obliged to show up at peaceful rallies showing off their firearms? How many Democrats have threatened Republican candidates stating that they should fear leaving their very own home?

      And finally… Was it a Democrat that engaged cops in a shootout on a highway in CA after listening to, AND QUOTING, Right Wing Radio and TV?

      No connection to your Right Wing babble, huh? When a law and order sheriff can see it plain as day for what it is… you need more than exercise.

    • Stan B.

      And Sarah did pull her crosshairs target map from her SarahPAC site…

  • thomas

    …the tone of this opera-like media fancy…in light of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords

    That the Tea Party is too absorbed in playing dress-up and pretend to be alert to the very real and very destructive consequences of amplifying hateful rhetoric in public discourse.

  • thomas

    Also: Violence first, politics second.

  • g

    PRetty lousy timing, I’d say, on the part of Time.

  • tinwoman

    Somebody had a lot of fun with Photoshop there. That’s all I see. Great pic of a silly bunch of clowns, though.

  • Stella

    Time’s idea of a “person’ is more of a corporate entity than of a human being to which other humans might respond. Given the total idiocy of this offering it was lucky that they were able to think of an actual “person of influence” so as to continue the tradition.
    I think the photo speaks more about corporate news than about any people. It’s an advertisement.

    • thomas

      I think that’s really right. They’re casting for their own production. Anybody not in the big show doesn’t count anyway.

  • momly

    Gilbert and Sullivan: This isn’t OUR farce!!!!

  • Paul_D

    Ship Of Fools

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