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January 24, 2011

Team Obama Pumped

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Is it just me, or is this Administration projecting all kinds of confidence right now, as seen in this Pete Souza pic from the White House Flickr set on President Hu’s visit?

(photo: Pete Souza/White House. caption: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden talk with senior administration officials in the Oval Office before an expanded bilateral meeting with President Hu Jintao of China, Jan. 19, 2011. Pictured from left are: Chief of Staff Bill Daley, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, Senior Director for Asian Affairs Jeffrey Bader, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.)

  • serr8d

    My take: I see a group of leftists plotting a ‘pretend’ shift to Centrism, forced to embrace those hated businesses, industries and the ‘evils’ of Capitalism, but behind the facade I see the cold, twisted, gnarled limbs of their barely-constrained Socialist ideals that are imprinted on their ’souls’, comprising their true roots and beliefs.

    Next time, pull the shades.

    • g

      Very revealing.

    • Gasho

      Thanks, Serr8d, for keeping the hope alive. I’m still waiting for those socialist ideas and ideals.. but all I’m getting is the corporate cooperation suck-up behavior. I’m glad to know that you think the liberal policies are still in there waiting to come out..

      Me too !

      Oh, and you’re right.. the light balancing would have been better in this photo with the shades drawn.. good eye!

    • cmac

      What Gasho said.

    • LL

      I will assume serr8d is kidding. Either that, or he’s living in some alternate Universe where Obama actually realized his faint promise as a social democrat.

      As it is, Obama might as well be a 1980s Republican.

      Serr8d, you might want to seek professional help. You seem to be suffering from delusions.

    • Seth

      LL: “As it is, Obama might as well be a 1980s Republican.”

      Of course in the bizarro-world serr8d is channeling (whether ironically or not) Ronald Reagan was just another facade concealing “cold, twisted, gnarled limbs of … barely-constrained Socialist ideals”

    • jeff montanye

      no. he’s a 21st century republican, no reorganizing the banks and jailing malefactors, no shame or attempt to evade responsibility for the commission of war crimes.

  • momly

    Greg Sargent reports that Mitch McConnell thinks Americans are very easily duped.

    See ^ above for confirmation.

    • cmac

      They must be. Else, how to explain Boehner as Speaker, McConnell as Senate Minority leader, and Eric Cantor as some kind of rising star?

  • Izzy

    What I see is the President and a token female surrounded by old white men.

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”

  • Michael Shaw

    Perhaps most telling here, from the standpoint of personality dynamics and the team shake-up at the White House, is Obama’s singular focus on Bill Daley, his new political captain and chief-of-staff.

    • matt

      yes indeed.

      the confidence you see in the group as a whole is balanced by the deep, dark circles under obama’s eyes.

      he’s relaxed – jacket pulled back, a first step to removing it and unloosening his tie at the end of battle.

      they’re all tired.

      daley looks like a fresh face.

      special bonus: the red file folder, the president’s red tie, and clinton’s red jacket – do they signify:
      (a) the foreign policy challenges that face the country and this leadership team, (b) a respect or concern for china’s growing influence and leverage,
      (c) the red ink of the continuing and developing long-term fiscal crisis
      (note geithner’s prominent blue tie and goofy giggle on the other side of the center balding head),
      (d) the blood from both literal and figurative battlefields, at home and abroad, or
      (e) all of the above?

      correct answer:
      (f) all of the above, and a reminder of the cetral thematic message of obama’s candidacy – uniting blue and red america; will he be able to show progress toward that stated vision and earn another term?

  • Apple

    To me Obama seems to be looking at Biden who is not looking back at him. In fact, nobody seems to be looking at Daley. However, Geithner’s looking a little to pleased with himself for my taste. Who are the men with their backs to us (I should probably know but alas I don’t). Oh, and I don’t know what any of it means other than I don’t feel my issues are being discussed!

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