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January 3, 2011

Navy Raunch and Post-DADT Crackdown: Relieving Sexual Tension For Real

It’s interesting how military culture works, as evidenced by today’s crackdown by the NAVY on the heels of the DADT repeal.

Prior to the new regulation, clearly the NAVY felt its ship was already in order in spite of how the then-second-in-command of the USS Enterprise, Owen Honor created and broadcast gay-bashing videos as a perverse form of entertainment and stress relief to the 6,000 member crew during the Iraq war in ‘06-07.

Looking at the screen shots of now Enterprise commanding officer Honor, we see the worst exploitation of power, the honorable officer barging into the shower to witness two males soldiers lathering each other or interjecting himself into another scene of two women in the suds. (Based on at least one other clip in the CBS story — a little cheerleader tableau — it appears Honor took ample opportunity to appeal to male purience and frustration by allusions to girl-on-girl action.)

Perhaps more telling was this shot, though, of a sea man (not sure if it’s the producer himself) working up a little cowgirl number in this drag scene. In an ironic twist on “Don’t Ask,” it’s actually easy to see this as Honor acting out his own supressed homo-erotic tendencies. And if that’s the case, then the new policy can’t help but go far in relieving some really serious tension — the kind that comes from all that cultural denial and identity repression.

  • George Esnero

    This is not a perverse form of homo-erotic tendencies. This is how sailors are being shown humor to conserve shipboard water (since we have to provide for 5,000 people). He was just showing the humor of showering with a friend. This “touchy feely” I’m offended by this attitude is what makes our current military fighting force weak and decadent. I have not seen so many sailors, soldiers and marines complain as much as they do today. This is not a corporation, this is a unit used only for one purpose and that is to defend America and her interests. If your offended by the word fag, how would you feel being in a ship changing your clothes in a six-man cubicle while you have a perverted homosexual objectifying your person while your bent over trying to put on your pants? I’m offended by this! You symphathize with the homos but how about us that are straight and wish only nothing but to serve our country with honor?

    • Stan B.

      For the last eight years, the most honorable thing anyone in the US military could have done to serve his or her country would have been: a) to emphasize the fact that we started an illegal and immoral war in one country that resulted in millions of innocent deaths, and the creation of countless more anti US fundamentalist terrorists, and b) to admit that we are still engaged in a no win situation in the other country while aiding and abetting known war criminals and drug lords— many of whom actively engage in the sexual trafficking of young boys with our tacit approval.

  • Withnails

    The people in this video might “just be having a laugh”. And we might find that they put homosexuality at the butt of their jokes offensive. I certainly do.

    But They’re Just Having a Laugh.

    When homosexuals become part of military culture, they will be made fun of. Mostly by their peers – hopefully not by their superious. Because that’s what military peers do –

    Attack you for who you are. It’s stupid and immature but that’s how a bunch of young kids act when they’re away from home for a neverending time.

    I mean, unless I’m missing something, but what are they doing but making a bunch of stupid dick jokes. It’s not mature. But how is this wrong?

    Some days, dick jokes are all you have to get you through the day.

  • gmoke

    Everybody wants to be a comedian. Many get into trouble by doing so. Just finished a book by an economist writing seriously about the economic ramifications of climate change and he kept on trying to be funny and cute. Didn’t work.

    Lenny Bruce was great but he doesn’t fit as the XO or the Captain of an aircraft carrier.

    As far as homophobia and the psychology of Captain Honor go, the excerpts I’ve seen don’t tell me anything more than the guy needs better writers.

    Mr Esnero, in your way of thinking isn’t “perverted homosexuals” a tautology?

  • tiny junco

    “It’s stupid and immature but that’s how a bunch of young kids act when they’re away from home for a neverending time.”

    except in this case, it was the parent who was making the dick jokes. how is a parent who ‘just wants to be one of the kids’ supposed to realistically provide discipline or impose penalties?

    This is the first instance in which i’ve heard pro-military types endorsing Dr. Benjamin Spock’s child rearing approach. In the military? please.

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