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January 30, 2011

Egypt: The Kiss – Part 2

I have to say, I’m a little wary of how much predictive stock to place in uprising visuals. That said, however, “the chemistry” between the military and civilian protesters flooding out of Cairo right now is very interesting. After this “first kiss” (or attempt at one), for example, only a few days ago, we see quite a twist above. As the military goes, so goes Egypt?”

Here are a few other inspired examples from the stream (1, 2), by the way, that play like liberation visuals.

(photo: Mohammed Abed / AFP – Getty Images via MSNBC.  Full slideshow: Egyptians take to the streets.)

  • Vvoter

    Forgive my culturally bound reflexes, but I instantly think DADT.

    I would love to read how a rhetorical scholar might weave together threads of homophobia, liberation, DADT, the Abrahamic tradition of Brotherly Love, and revolution in the Middle East.

    • well, an 83yroldpuppet might have

      “…all you need is love”

  • quincyscott

    As the military goes, so goes… any nation. Last week I read several analysts who compared Egypt to Tunisia, and one of the main takeaways was that the Tunisian president did not have the support of his military, in part because he underpaid it and threw a lot more funding into the state police. The analysts seemed to feel that this was not the case in Egypt, where the armed forces are heavily funded (with a lot of American dollars), and that Mubarak would also see Tunisia as a wake-up call and be prepared to quash any rebellion.

    But that doesn’t seem to be the case so far. Lots of stories and photos showing solidarity between citizens and soldiers. It’s still too early to tell if Egypt will be more like Tunisia, or perhaps more like Tienanmen Square, where soldiers were on fairly friendly terms with protesters until the crackdown. Very tense times.

    • ahmed

      ask your self
      why the usa pay lot of American dollars

      may be to Enslavement of the egyptiens
      or to increase hosny mubarak’s wealth

  • echo

    So receive me brother with your faithless kiss

    Mortals, torn, resigned to their fates.

    Reluctant actors in a timeless puppet show.

    This soldier may be ordered to kill in the coming days.

  • omen

    egyptians cleaning up and feeding one another.

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