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January 28, 2011

Egypt Photo of the Day: On the Kasr Al Nile Bridge

I was taken by this photo taken during the intense and literal back-and-forth between protestors and Egyptian police on the Kasr Al Nile Bridge today.

What makes this powerful is not at all subtle. It’s the sense of standoff between the protesters and the government forces; the anonymity of the water cannon; and the fact the assault pounds those in prayer.  Moreover though, this unattributed photo — in contrast to the many variants on the newswire — is so powerful because of the visceral sense (summing up the oppressive political reality) of the government pissing on its citizenry.

And then, here are a couple more fundamental images of the crisis (the military in play, “the kiss, #1” and shades of Neda) on our new Tumblr site.

More on the Kasr Al Nile Bridge: Excellent video captured by tourists at CNN. Eyewitness account at New Yorker “Newsdesk” blog.

(image via ollywainwright/twitpics)

  • Wordsmith

    The police aren’t moving though. What? They forgot to turn off the cannon during prayers. I’ve been watching Al-Jazeera English all day & saw two live scenes where prayers were undertaken in the street and no one ‘advanced.’

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  • Vvoter

    Fact of the mediated age:

    There is a direct correlation between…
    a) the intensity of global attention directed toward an event, and
    b) the intensity of the visual representation of that event.

  • Peter. Calvin

    Birmingham, AL, 1963

  • omen


    • omen

      sorry, i’m being blocked from posting again.

  • omen

    you have to scroll through this page:

    thought the site name is inappropriate for the topic covered.

    • omen


  • omen

    i want to see photos of these reports!

    8:35AM CDT: RT @Jan25voices: LPC: second report that army is acting to limit Ministry of Interior guards interaction with protesters and street. #Jan25 #Jan28 #Egypt

    8:24AM CDT: RT @sharifkouddous: People are cleaning up trash on the streets. Amazing. I have never seen anything like this. #Egypt


  • serr8d

    I think you’re mistaken about the “the fact the assault pounds those in prayer“. What you’re seeing is the best defensive posture one can assume when taking a forceful water cannon blast. Would you rather take it when you’re upright and easily knocked over? Or, in that same posture but facing the opposite direction, in the butt?

    (Wait…don’t answer that. )

    • Wordsmith

      Truly your idiocy is confounding. I would imagine there are many who visit here who are tuned in to Al-Jazeera English live as I have since Tuesday. I saw imagines like these played out on live webstream (live TV for some folks).

      Hopefully you’ve heard the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ As it stands, I won’t grace your bullshit comments with even a skim through as they don’t even merit that.

    • Wordsmith

      We need an edit button, Michael.

      One other thing about the bridge – Kasr (Qasr) Al Nil bridge spans the Nile River and runs East to West. It runs into or connects with Tahrir Square. The CNN iReport Michael posted is taken from the eastern side of the river.

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  • Wordsmith

    I can’t tell you …. forget it. Here’s the long version of the video that captures the water hose being truned on those praying. You can see that they ARE praying. It’s about 3:15 or so into the video.

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