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January 5, 2011

Day 1: Lake Boehner

1. For Emoters Anonymous, the equivalent of Nixon going to China.

2. Oh Gawd, it’s getting worse.

3. Put that in your typology!

4. Like I said, he’s just McConnell and Cantor’s patsy.

5. Ha! And you thought I was planning to riff on the phallic implications of the giant gavel.

6. Just let one Dem wet the hanky, and see what happens.

(photo: Tim Sloan/Getty Images. caption: Newly elected US Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)(R-OH) wipes his eyes as he is introduced by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (L)(D-CA) during the opening session of the 112th Congress on January 5, 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.)

  • mike

    Dude is unstable. Seriously. Its one thing to be emotional. That is real. Its another thing to break down at just about every situation that sparks some emotion. Unhinged, he is.

    I bet he cried when he watched The Terminator because, deep inside, that machine had a HEART.

    • Thomas

      I actually have done some research into weeping on a biological level. The main factor involved is a hormone called prolactin. People just have different levels of it. Some people don’t have very much at all and can’t weep even when they really want to or need to (imagine grieving without weeping). Other people have higher than normal levels and weep often, even when they don’t want to.

      This is a biological issue that is caught up in social values. Actually, the two re-enforce each other.

      Boy’s and girls have roughly the same levels of prolactin before puberty. During puberty prolactin levels drop for most boys. This is why, in general, teenage boys and men tend to cry less then teenage girls and women. This then becomes part of the social construction of manliness.

      My best guess is that Boehner has more prolactin then most men. Absolutely nothing should be read into this socially and I don’t have much sympathy for those who want to exploit this.

      Still, imagine if this was reversed. Imagine if Obama wept openly and often he’d be skewered over this. No one should be, but that is the society we live in. So maybe Dem’s shouldn’t tie one hand behind their backs and take everything they can to undermine Boehner.

      The whole thing makes me, well, somewhat sad because I can imagine what it might be like to weep without wanting to. This has literally destroyed some men’s lives. Granted the warped way our society thinks of gender hurts women much MUCH more than men, but we’d all be better off if we had more a more enlightened view of gender. Now if only Boehner agreed!

  • Glenn May

    Howard Dean lets out one howl (on an over-amped microphone)and he’s banished from politics. This nut Boehner bawls like a baby every time the sun comes up and he’s leadership material?
    C’mon media! Where are the “wimp” tags and questions about his stability? He is second in line after Biden, right? Or have those GOP newbies forgotten their hallowed Constitution already?

  • black dog barking

    6. Just let one Dem wet the hanky, and see what happens.

    Didn’t HRC get misty-eyed once in 2008 (no tears, just a catch in her throat) knocking the campaign into full recovery mode for days?

    That flag looks like the American People feel — rode hard and put up wet.

  • Stella

    That photo gives the lie to the idea of women as weak and unstable leaders.

    I’m afraid the poor man has lost too many brain cells in his prefrontal cortex. This behavior can be caused by alcohol use, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

    Second in line for the presidency – this is really sad.

    • cmac

      Third in line. The Vice-president is second. Thanks be.

  • momly

    A friend of mine on Facebook referred to him as “Boo Hoompaloompa”. I liked it. LOL!

  • kailuahale

    Taking a page from Glen Beck’s playbook? Fake tears always creeped me out.

  • Peter. Calvin

    I’ll bet Ed Muskie is rolling over in his grave.

  • boomerangst

    Just another republican fraud.
    How can you tell he’s lying? His lips are moving and his tears are flowing.

  • Wayne Dickson

    The colors and composition are interesting. For example, divide the image into thirds horizontally. The forces of light are easing out stage right, while the forces of darkness are poised to move in. Pelosi’s posture is open, Boehner’s closed, self-absorbed.

    (I just heard a BBC News broadcast, where the the announcer pronounced the name “Boner.)

  • Vvoter

    I think the feminist critique shines the funniest – and saddest – light on this image. Signs of strength and weakness, body positioning, and we all know about that gavel moment!

    In response to Stella (and indirectly to mike and Glenn May), I’ve recently read several writers who are asking if Boehner’s drinking, no secret in D.C., explains all the tears. This crying thing could be a real story in 2011.

  • cmac

    Hm. Cry me a river.

    Or better yet, from ‘Evita:’
    Don’t cry for me, Mister Boehner.

  • thomas

    It’s so weird.

  • gmoke

    Little Lord Fauntleroy. Ever see that picture of him taking a swing in his golf shorts? The only thing that’s not light weight about this weak and silly man is the depth of his self-deception and hate.

  • littlebadwolf

    nah! just itchy fried eyelids from the tanning machine.

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