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December 6, 2010

Second Take: Obama’s GOP Gene


On the announcement that Obama is setting his post-mid-term course by throwing in with the GOP, I was interested in looking again at this shot from January 7, 2009 of President-Elect Obama visiting the White House just after his election.

In the early days, I was convinced that Obama’s passion for crossing the aisle was mostly strategic. I don’t believe that anymore.  Just like Obama is the only one with his hands joined, I now believe he is emotionally incapable of creating or perpetuating fractures between any group at a table, or having anybody who matters mad at him for long.

If the fact the boys on the right (from their orientation) are all wearing blue ties and the guys on the left are both red is just a funny coincidence, the sense it creates of 41, 43 and 44 being fraternity brothers is not. Looking back, Obama’s deference to Pappy, and not placing himself in between Clinton and Bush was probably an early telegraph of that pacification instinct.

  • black dog barking

    GHWB looking all Saville Row and relaxed, hands firmly stuffed in his pockets. If there’s any work to be done around here it’s definitely not his problem. Sharing a laugh with POTUS, as far from the trailer trash as he can get. The joke’s butt could be his progeny asserting himself into the privileged position of the pic, POTUS commenting, “Heckuva job Herbie”.

    GWB could just be a cutout. Really. Stood up in the center of the room for purposes of 2D image projection. There’s a whole bunch of ‘em in the stationery closet down the hall. House warming gift.

    The gap between the group and Carter: symbolically apt. James Earl Carter is my answer if the question is “Which of these is not like the others?”. The last President in my life time to really live the values projected by the American world in which I grew up.

  • cat48

    Well, the “Secret Republican” scorched earth campaign failed so now I read at HuffHo that “he’s not really black” or “he was never really a community organizer”. This is a truly cynical campaign that Lee Atwater would adore. Thanks guys for protectly my legacy by emasculating attacks and identity attacks on the first African American president. This is truly pathetic from the Democratic Left Liberals. I’ve left your party!

  • Jackson_99

    I like this pic.

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