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December 10, 2010

More Sarah 2012: Just So Many Questions

A work-in-progress, really? Or, is a cover like this, suggesting rampant curiosity and the idea that America is talking about Sarah and pondering over “the question,” exactly the point?

Considering the illustration a bit further, though, is it strictly capturing ineffability, or is it moving into other neighborhoods?

  • black dog barking

    Time Magazine: painting by the numbers.

    “Ineffable”? F-able seems to signing the checks for this whole exercise. Difficult to say who gets the Dumber Than A Bucket Of Hair award. Could be Time, then again, could be the former half-term governor has retired that trophy. Dark horse contender could be Time Mag’s target reader.

  • Gasho

    Palin is an aberration. Why the hell is anyone who’s being referred to on a magazine cover as half baked even in consideration for the presidency?? If she’s just interested in being rich and famous, that’s fine, but her whole schtick is that she’s somehow in line for the oval office, which she isn’t nearly qualified for.

    All of this hooey began with John McCain probably picking her photo from a stack of photos on the back of a campaign bus after three whiskeys and a dose of viagra. She was spun into stardom and we just can’t seem to kill the beast now that she’s been created and set loose.

    • Nancy Walton

      G: I like your term, aberration. I will never forgive ol’, Johhny M. for placing this hideous, shrill, dim, phony woman on our shoulders. She is happy with her 20 mill., which will double soon. She makes W. look like a genius, but she has a huge following. I suspect she will run for pres. and may win. The corps will fund her in the trillions, whatever it takes. Why? They will love to have her placing her X on the documents they place in front of her. Count on it.

  • Stan B.

    Palin is not the first complete and utter Republican buffoon who salivated at the proximity of The Oval Office. Dan Quayle was kept on a (very) short leash, and the American public of yore still had enough common sense to recognize a complete incompetent. Now, they look up to, praise and aspire to place one in office, and become one themselves.

    • John Lucaites

      Before we give too much credit to the American people of yore let’s not forget Ronald Reagan. Not entirely the same to be sure, but a cautionary tale at the least. We ignore her at our peril.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    Her hair says what it is all about….ME

  • thirdeye pushpin

    better said…the letters on her paint by number hair reveal what she is about…ME

  • Stella

    Is that de Nile river in the background, and what do they mean by “Palin in?” My eyes always avoid that face.

  • gulati

    Good thing you can’t hear that voice, no matter how many crayons are used!

  • Zoey & Me

    Flash in the pan. Her final Hurrah! Yay!

  • tinwoman

    It implies that she has the potential to “fill in” and improve, which…I don’t think so.

    We have much more to fear from the square jawed he-man Rick Perry. He is the real Republican hoepful. Bag, a few Perry visuals in the coming weeks to dissect?

  • acm

    a generous interpretation would be “work in progress” — it would also be easy to get something like “half baked” or “not all there” from an image like this. probably they thought to conjur up the idea that we all complete the picture from our own biases and views of her, but a paint-by-number guideline could well be read as indicating that our view of her is being drawn for us by spin doctors and the media machine…

    how’s that? :)

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