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December 21, 2010

Fashion of the (War) Times … or: Don’t Get me STARTed

Maybe the Russians are taking the impending passage of START just a little too far. Or, maybe this is simply the logical extension of endless war and the media’s seemingly incurable tendency to aestheticize it.  Whatever the explanation, the prominent Russian news site RIA NOVOSTI offers up a slideshow that might reek of camp, but is actually a legit fashion show of new Russian military uniforms.  If the photo gives me a Village People meets Nurse Ratched meets the Cottontail Ranch vibe, at least it’s nice to see that much red in a quasi-political, post-”shellack” news photo without John Boehner of Mitch McConnell prancing around in it.

Slideshow: New Russian military uniform fashion show

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  • black dog barking

    The People’s fashion. Military service fused with an epitome of Western decandence, the fashion runway. There’s a vibe of the propaganda posters from the 1930s in the upright posture of the proles on parade. That is one weird manifestation/ presentation of nostalgia.

  • Zoey & Me

    Must be something wrong here. This is the dress guide for the 2011 congress. Tea baggers already have ordered their brown shirts. The others like “puppet for the rich McConnell” maybe a nice Hitler uniform with pins and lollies and scrambled eggs falling off his head cover. Oh the dems will have so much fun in just a few weeks. Just “say NO”.!!

  • gmoke

    Reminds me of that old commercial of hefty babushkas in the same blue (same shade, if memory serves) housedress walking the runway while a Russian accented woman bellows, “Daywear!” then “Evening wear!” and then “Swimwear!” all showing the same woman in the same dress.

    • Michael Shaw

      You’re killing me (in a good way).

  • Raggnarok

    Well russia is not known for fair politics or fashion statements. I am sure that “Nurse Ratched” before the babushka happened to her was a ravishing russian beauty. The Soldier however non descript appears as most men that are aging and balding with a pot belly and still think they are relevant. Also you posters use the word “Vibe to much”.

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