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December 20, 2010

Our Picks of the Pics of the Year #1: Underfoot

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I’m seeing some really offbeat photos making it into many of the 2010 “top photos of the year” galleries that are starting to pop up everywhere. This one, in particular (from The Big Picture), begs for commentary.

Can any of you relate to this?

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(photo: Kin Cheung/AP.  caption: A visitor stands on the artwork “Floor” created by South Korean artist Do Ho-suh at the Hong Kong International Art Fair on May 28, 2010.)

  • black dog barking

    She’s got the whole world … under her feet

    She’s got my brothers and my sisters … under her feet

    Lorretta Lynn among others.

  • echo

    How the be-jeweled and favored few owe it all to the support and efforts of countless, faceless many.

    Quick. Call marketing.

    I want a doormat like this made with the likenesses of Democratic party politicians.
    They, in turn, would favor one featuring their liberal base.

    I wish this were not so apt.

  • kailuahale

    Always suspected god was a girl.

  • jqfrederick

    Using the 2007 numbers quoted in the above paper, the top 1% of the population has 43% of the wealth in the US. If you include the top 20%, they control 85% of all the wealth in the US.

    I would say that if you don’t “relate to this” picture, you’re fooling yourself.

    And believe me, I’m not the one with the painted toes…

  • Lenox Napier

    I’m reading a singularly badly written thriller set in Hong Kong which – at some point – has the heroine standing on the floor made of ‘reinforced glass and that there was something beneath…’. seems it was the same floor as the picture here – only the toes are different.

  • Vvoter

    echo and jqfrederick nailed it.

  • momly

    I like how the picture draws you in. On the first look, a woman is standing on a surface strewn with confetti. A party? a parade? some celebration.

    Then, looking closer, you see tiny hands. Hmmm….. Odd.

    Then, an even closer view shows the people attached to the hands and one is sucked into a different world where there are no parties or parades or celebrations.

    Nice shot!

  • pdn

    Nice lino!

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