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November 21, 2010

The Ongoing Very Public Re-Evaluation of Barack Obama

In our latest edition of TOVPREOBO, we only have one question: he-man or Village People?

  • Enoch Root

    “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK…”

    Cut the deficit by ending the wars.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    the saw cuts thus reemphasizing cutting as opposed to increasing revenue. This is the fundamental problem of our trickle down generation

  • marc sobel

    I can’t tell from the image but if it is a photograph instead of a realistic painting then is it not photoshopped. What does that mean for depiction of officials.

  • black dog barking

    Visually tying “chainsaw” to “President” leads, I thought, straight to our smallest President’s brush-clearing photo ops. Wrong! Memory is a liar and a thief, no power tools for his dimness. Hot sun, hard work, and no sweat either.

    Leading the category of past Presidents and chainsaws Google presents the Gipper. That brush is so going down.

    But the connotative link between the humble chainsaw and the current administration as projected from the collective mind of the “New” Republican Revolution bores straight into our cultural heart of darkness.

    Somehow, Texas and nightmare have come to mean about the same thing.

  • (3)-rive-r


  • WhiteSnow

    I agree with ending the wars & bringing home the troops for wars that have not been declared by congress & killing our annual budgets.

  • angellight

    This TSA controversy (scanners to keep travelers’ safe/and or pat downs) is a smoke screen and getting blown wayout of porportion so that people can’t think and reflect on the real culprit — tax cuts for the rich, which would really adversely affect most of us, unless you make a million dollars a year! Where was the GOP/media outrage at illegal wiretapping, and library intrusion into our privacy? Mum!

    When will the Dems act like grownups and be responsible and let these irresponsible tax cuts for the rich Expire. Everyone knows that these tax cuts add to the deficit and take from the poor and middleclass, reverse Robin Hood effect! However, with the expiration of these tax cuts, more revenue will be generated into the economy, and the rich and wealthy will begin to pay their fairshare and not leave the tax burden to the middle class and working poor.

    For a so-called enlightened country like the U.S. to have such a discriminating ban on gays is disgraceful. As a country we are bigger than that, and better than that — or should be. What made America great was her openess and compassion for others, with the advent of the Rush Limbaughs, we lost a lot of that generosity of spirit. We have to get it back! America must take the lead as we always have in the past and show the world we do not discriminate against any human being.

  • http:/// serr8d

    Urkel !

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