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November 4, 2010

“The Blood Of Jesus Against Obama” (Or: Sarah Tweeting Under the Radar)

I’m sure some people see social networking as the ability to be that much more graphic and hateful than they would otherwise be in a more visible, responsible and/or accountable setting. This image is a prime example, coming from an Anne Coulter tweet of “her new church” favorited by the SarahPalinUSA tweet account today.

This being November 4th, the second anniversary of Obama’s election, the sign is also timely in evoking Tuesday’s Red Tide election victory of Obama’s “humble” opposition.

I like the Twitter notice at the bottom of the tweet, by the way:

This Tweet is from someone you’re not following. The media they’re mentioning could be anything, even something you might find offensive.

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)

  • Karen Hull

    She’s just a bundle of compulsiveness. Somewhat untouchable compulsiveness.

  • g

    She has since deleted all her “favorites” and claimed that she didn’t know how her Blackberry worked.

  • D Creed

    This is the strangest mosque sign I’ve ever seen. Self hating Muslims? They even misspelled ‘Allah’ :)

  • Nina

    It’s a church in Harlem. ATLAH is not meant to be Allah. The meaning is “explained” here. The whole operation looks very twisted.

    • D Creed

      I was being snarky

  • DCJ

    Manning is a birther kook I noticed earlier this year. He says Obama was in the CIA when he was young and fought in Afganistan against the USSR with the jihadists.
    He put Obama “on trial” in NYC in front of Columba U earlier this year.

    • g

      Wait, what? Obama fought in Afghanistan against the Russkie, and served in the CIA, and yet is still a KenyanMuslimomexicanofascist?


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