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November 9, 2010

Kicking off Bush Week with Mom, Baseball (and the Brother or Sister He Never Had)

Jsa / AP

How did NBC lead offBush Week,” having scored the kick-off interview to the week long marathon of Bush re-entry and reconstitution? Well, they did it with baseball, Texas, motherhood, a focus on ancient history and a radically graphic anti-abortion mental picture. In this shot, taken Aug. 19, 1989 in Kennebunkport, we see two peas in a pod — as we’re prompted to imagine another pea out of the pod, so to speak.

The brilliant stroke in the new Bush memoir, and the clever stroke with Bush’s lead off interview and the photo accompanying NBC’s lead article, was to use the first day of the re-introduction to highlight Dubya’s recounting of how he drove his mother to the hospital while she was holding her miscarried fetus in a jar.

I know I should have been feeling manipulated, but we’re talking morning TV, the affable Matt Lauer, and a more genial George (not to mention the baseball and apple pie), so instead, I just felt empathy — and the celebration of life. Didn’t you?

(11/11 2am PST – slightly revised)

  • Notnearlylo’n'geNough

    ‘you are someone else i am still right here’

  • thirdeye pushpin

    Wearing T before it was in, he always was one of “us”

  • black dog barking

    FTA: “She says to her teenage kid, ‘Here’s a fetus,’ ” the former president told Lauer. “No question it — that affected me — my philosophy that we should respect life.”


    Whatever ‘philosophy’ may have guided our smallest president in his public life it did not place the word ‘respect’ anywhere near the word ‘life’. His life story contains no evidence that he gave even an inkling of a shit about anyone else except as tools to be manipulated. I’ve never seen a hint that he even respected himself. Why should anyone else?

    When I clicked the MSNBC article I noticed a link to a story about five year old boy with cancer. Read that story, it’s about life. Ignore this story.

    • Vvoter

      Your point about Bush’s record on ‘life’ issues stands well enough. Remember, however, that Bush’s usage of the words ‘respect life’ is code for ‘nod to pro-life / anti-abortion.’

      When Bush invokes his ‘philosophy of respecting life,’ he’s describing his stance on abortion. Your point, however, relies on much wider referents for the words ‘respect life’ than Bush either a) has access to or b) chooses to access. You invoke a much fuller conception of both terms.

      I join you in the view that the phrase ‘a philosophy of respect for life’ should be understood as referring to something much broader and more morally demanding. But I would stop short of the bullshit call on the grounds that in Bush’s view, his statement is true.

      To press the point just a bit further, were Bush ever to be confronted with a catalogue of “evidence that he [did not give] even an inkling of a shit about anyone else except as tools to be manipulated,” even this will square with his view of the world, its divine order, its natural hierarchy, and its unique moral code.

  • momly

    What a horrible story.

  • Seenitbefore

    Considering his parents were pro-choice at the time, only switching teams when expedient, the monster is still lying. I wonder, did anyone ask where George Senior was during this supposed ordeal?

    Forget this book, it’s just a continuation of the same speech he gave for 8 years. Read Kitty Kelly’s book instead. This family is nothing but rich white trash and should be shunned in polite society.

  • Bugboy

    From the article:
    “In her lap, Barbara Bush held a jar containing the remains of the fetus, George Bush said.”

    Micheal Shaw wrote:
    “I know I should be feeling manipulated, but it’s morning TV and Matt Lauer and a more genial George so, instead, I’m feeling empathy — and the celebration of life.”

    Is this snark? George’s public ploy for sympathy is disqusting. A miscarriage is not a celebration of life, and carrying the “remains of one in a jar” to the hospital is just sick. After hearing Santorum proudly retelling his fetus worshiping episode, I can only conclude these people are effing lunatics.

    My wife has been through a miscarriage. What the fuck. George is a waste of flesh.

  • Michael Shaw

    Bugboy: The answer is: “yes, snark.”

    Follow up on what Seenitbefore said, what makes me suspicious is how the Bush’s flaunt this story about toting the fetus around and delivering it to the hospital, but then they don’t know what the sex of the baby was?

    • tera-to-genetically speaking

      Carry lightning home in a jar
      You’ll be no better than you are.

  • thomas

    Thank you George W. Bush for sharing your life lessons with us all, and thank you Barbara Bush for bringing so much sunshine into this world. You two are national treasures.

    • ron

      Sarcasm, right?

    • thomas

      Sadly, yes.

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