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November 2, 2010

Election Day Quick Tour

In plumbing the newswires for the broader themes of Campaign 2010, I came across this shot from a Connecticut Tea Party rally yesterday.  I’m not sure what to make of the Dunkin Donuts cup, but the other item is a story.  This red sweater clutching the book not only emphasizes how the Tea Party has embraced the Constitution as its own, but amplifies how much the founding document has not just been appropriated, but dumbed down.

Didn’t they used to wait till a Congressional rainmaker either retired or died to dole out these types of honors? What I’m mostly wondering, though, is if this civic marker in Reid’s hometown — as a symbol of power and largesse — will also turn out to signal what brought him down.

You don’t need a lot of symbols if you’ve got effective symbols — and a centrist Republican-turned-Independent who blew the Democrat off the map.

photo 1: Win McNamee/Getty Imagescaption: A Tea Party supporter holds a “The Constitution Made Easy” book during a Tea Party Express rally on Waterbury Green November 1, 2010 in Waterbury, Connecticut. Midterm elections are scheduled to be held tomorrow with the potential of turning the U.S. House of Representatives over to Republican control.

photo 2: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times. caption: Mr. Reid was born and raised here, though he seems as reclusive in Searchlight as he is in Washington. People know he is in town when the shutters at his house are lowered and the black vans operated by the Capitol Police are parked outside.

photo 3: Joe Raedle/Getty Images caption: A cardboard cutout of Ronald Reagan is seen next to a sign showing a picture of President Barack Obama hugging independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist as Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio visits the Republican campaign office on November1, 2010 in Hialeah, Florida. Rubio is the front runner as campaigning comes to an end in the Florida Senate race against his opponent’s independent candidate Charlie Crist and Democratic candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL).

  • bystander

    Who needs Cliff Notes to read the Constitution?

    Encrypted Google seems to have crashed, so I can’t look this up, but wasn’t Harry Reid’s father also named Harry? Or, am I mis-remembering? If not, couldn’t that street have been named after his Dad? I read somewhere (the Huffington Post’s story on the current Harry Reid) that Harry’s Dad had a habit of leaving his “mark” on lots of things.

    • bystander

      Okay. Here’s the story at HuffPo. First two paras.

    • Michael Shaw

      bystander: Thanks for the link. From the standpoint of Reid’s humility, I stand corrected. Can’t argue, though, that he’s worked the system as well as anyone.

  • Lenox

    Bowlderising the Constitution.

  • Vvoter

    Lots of fun with words in the first image… (nod to the collapse of image/text dichotomy).

    From the cup: “America runs on.” Even with a GOP House, corporate America will continue to run on, and ‘change’ will continue to ring hollow.

    From the book, blue section: “…Constitution in modern language…” / “…original intent of the Founding Fathers…” I just see so much tension between ‘modern’ and ‘original.’ Don’t these two concepts pull in opposing directions???

    Not only is the Constitution dumbed down, it is also commodified, cheapened, and plasticized.

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