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October 19, 2010

Your Turn: White County Tea Party

James Cheng /

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The Cosgrays are a close family, knit together by conservative Christian beliefs. They work hard, study hard and live in a place where they have their own water and power supplies, and where they could plausibly be self-sufficient. Their oldest son Alex, 27, farms 20 acres of family land – refusing government subsidies, on principle.

In addition to the cultural, geographic, demographic and gender role fun going on in this photo, I’m wondering how much the irony of their so-named and beloved White County (Indiana) contributed to the smiles on the faces of the wholesome Cosgray clan family as they posed for the newly-left leaning MSNBC.

Before you deconstruct the pic, take a look at the write-up here.

(The smiles, by the way, certainly doesn’t transfer to White County Tea Party Patriot founders Anna Kroyman and Jack Van Vulkenburg who look like they are about to spit right in the MSNBC photographer’s eye.)

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