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October 27, 2010

The Already Building 2012 Media Chant: Sar-ah! Sa-rah!

Do you know if you google “Huffington Post,” the site offers eight links: Entertainment; Politics; Comedy; BIG NEWS; Style; Sports; Business; and Sarah Palin?

Just seven more days until … (two year-long drum roll, please), yep: Sa-rah, Sa-rah, Sa-rah. It’s a 2012 match made on Madison Avenue, Sarah going for the attention, influence and cash and the media just going for the cash (by way of the eyeballs).

Thing is, the midterms aren’t even cooked yet, and she’s already all over. Sara had prominent visuals yesterday at The Guardian, CBS and Politico, just from what I could see. NY Mag got the 2010 SP buzzsaw started a little early with a nominee walk (Politico PDF).  And, under the category of: ‘If you can’t beat, coin ‘em,’ Murkowski has created these write-in banners playing on Sarah’s now famous hand scribbles.

Like fissionable material, the genius of Sarah is that no goofball move on her part (and certainly, no attack on her) escapes immediately incorporation into a new boast; 1/2 oppressed and 1/2 defiant rallying cry; and extension of the brand. What’s classic at this point is that she’s got everyone else doing it for her. How to emphasize Murkowski is a write-in? How about a funny riff on her Alaskan nemesis for terminal cribbing?

The funniest thing about this photo, though?  Telegraphing the coming onslaught, we’ve got Sarah’s big mits in a double handout.

(image: Jim Wilson/The New York Times. caption: At the annual convention of the Alaska Federation of Natives in Fairbanks, Alaska, Dora Hughes, a campaign volunteer, held hand fans promoting Ms. Murkowski’s write-in effort for Senate.)

  • jonst

    The BAG wrote “….the genius of Sarah is”. My suggestion is you should have finished the sentence this way: “…the genius of Sarah is, she is Rupert Murdoch’s hand picked candidate. And Murdoch is much, much, more than Fox News. Though that is a lot.

    If you can pass off a ner-do well ex drunk, cokehead, military, business and financial failure, Fredo type, Christianist, End of Days, moron for President….. You can sell anybody. So long, that is, as they can take directions. All the while both appearing like ‘independent, guy and gal on the corner cusses’ Americans are endlessly told they like. And, and, and, you have Democrats as opponents.

    So bring this second rate Evita on and let America face the destiny it may deserve.

    • momly

      “ they can take directions.”

      I think this is the fatal flaw in the plan’s system. Bush could be led. Palin can’t take direction from anyone but herself. If she succeeds in sublimating her natural tendency for self promotions long enough to actually GET the nomination (mind boggling thought), she will totally and thoroughly torpedo the campaign because she can’t sublimate her will to anyone who thinks they know better than she does.

    • pws

      She’ll do what she’s told. She’ll have to, if she wants a sinecure at the Carlyle group.

  • black dog barking

    Rare is the day that Talking Points Memo doesn’t inform us as to Ms Palin’s latest tweet / twit(ter) / mumble-stumble. Speaking as one who used to click those reports detailing every new twitch of Sarah’s synapse there’s something compelling in Sarah stories. They’re kinda like comic books from back in the days before graphic novels; short & simple, no big words, lots of pictures. But, really, keeping up with the former half-term governor is not a productive use of time and attention.

    “Talk to hand” was the first thing this image said to me.

  • jane

    What are those blue curtains? Voting booths? If yes, how is it legal to be politicing so close to a voting place?

    • Karen H.

      I’m not absolutely sure, but I believe the photo was taken at a meeting of Alaskan indigenous people, a group that endorsed Murkowski unanimously and had her speak at their meeting. I don’t know that there was any voting there. It could be convention center or meeting place curtains.

  • g

    I’m not sure that this is strengthening Palin’s brand or diluting it. There’s not much love lost between Palin and Murkowski. Surely the fact that Murkowski’s co-opting Palin’s trick has the effect of defusing Palin’s image, not strengthening it.

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