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October 6, 2010

Rove’s GPS Locates Rich White Man Lobby



Karl Rove and his stealth, megabuck and potentially illegal campaign PAC, Crossroads GPS, is really tipping its hand with this one.  If you’ve been following the campaign juggernaut, you know Crossroads has been cranking out attack ads like hamburger. At least in this case, though, Karl’s handiwork functions more like a reflection on Karl and his backers.

For example, if you watch their Nevada Reid attack ad lambasting “Obamacare” and the pain being felt as a result the state’s huge unemployment rate, look who they’re portraying as the victim?  Yeah, the white guys in designer suits with the fancy haircuts.

As Rove visually riffs off the street corner’s truly unfortunate, I’m somehow having trouble nailing down his conclusion here.  Is it: vote Reid out so this guy — a young, fast-rising health care executive, perhaps — doesn’t have to pawn his rolex?

Video :Crossroads GPS “Thanks Harry” Ad‬

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