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October 2, 2010

NRA “Trigger the Vote” Video — Think: Tim McVeigh Meets Bambi

It’s a clever web video from “” intentionally playing on the association between the NRA and right wing rage; the Tea Party; those scary, well publicized “open carry” demonstrations; and the militia movement. I can see the development meeting now: “Hey, let’s turn a room full of far-right fringe radicals dressed like inmates from the penitentiary, wayward bikers and wizened ranch hands into hippy throwbacks sitting in a combination Move On meet-up/encounter group/12 step meeting, drench it in zen/yoga chic and gay/nerd energy, and then defang everybody but the grandma!”

So, how do you you know the NRA has scored a video bulls-eye? When their concept is strong enough that it makes Chuck Norris look like the tail wagging the dog.

Trigger the Vote NRA video – (YouTube)

  • Withnails

    Honestly, all that coordinated denim and matching complimentary bandanas make them all look kinda gay. Like 1970’s, Al Pacino in Cruising, rough trade, a bandana in your back pocket means you’re a top, gay.

    Not to be pejorative about it (well, not beyond a school yard interpretation where everything lame is “gay”) but both those groups (the NRA people above and the Pacino Cruising Gays) both of them seem to be so enamored of the traditional trappings of masculinity that they go to far and cross over into a parody of the masculinity.

    That, and to call an NRA denizen “gay” is an insult that would really get under their skin.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Yeah, Withnails. Nothing wrong with being gay. Everything wrong with homophobia. But what’s the deal here? Who’s the intended audience, and what’s the intended appeal — both upfront and subliminal?

    The shot gives one a row of 5 1/2 persons, presenting themselves as bearing a Y chromosome, dressed like the Village People. Look at the hands! Look at the guy wearing shorts and cowboy boots. Look at their rapt focus on … whoever.

    Seriously. This fedorking weird!

  • Sam

    Looks like a game show audience admiring the next prize.

  • Karen Hull

    I guess it’s aimed at liberals, but the imagery clashes with itself and the title….Trigger the Vote is bound to set the elites off…no, I’ll go with total mishmash of symbols. Do you parody your own base in order to gain approval? It would be interesting to run this for a focus group of NRA members. Maybe they did that.

  • m s garrity

    From the producers of Reno 911……..

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