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October 7, 2010

Hillary for Biden: A Done Deal

So they’ve talked out the Hillary-for-Biden 2010 swap and Joe’s fine with it.

Actually, though, it’s hard to completely dismiss the idea if the move, in energizing the women’s vote, also “protected the public’s taste” for Obama.

(caption 1: President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, walk from the West Wing to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Dec. 1, 2009. caption 2: Vice President Joe Biden speaks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outside the Oval Office, June 10, 2009.  White House Photos by Pete Souza)

  • jonst

    why, is that the flag pin I see in Obama’s lapel?

    • matt

      welcome, jonst.

  • DWhite

    Isn’t Sec of State historically a more important position?

  • Buskertype

    Biden is one of the most photogenic politicians around. He always looks comfortable, practically defines the word “avuncular,” and his tendency towards physical familiarity makes those around him seem more approachable. Not to sound dismissive, I’ve always thought this was his most valuable contribution to an executive team that can otherwise seem distant and imposing.

  • g

    So pundits get a “story-line” idea, inflate it in their own echo-chamber, and then challenge the White House for not playing along with them. Yawn.

    Frankly, I think Hillary is great where she is – she’s doing a fine job that is probably far more satisfying than being VP.

  • John Lucaites

    And what, exactly, do we make of the legend on the magazine Uncle Joe is holding: “Great taste deserves protection”?

    • Michael Shaw

      Yes, the question is: why did the White House and Pete Souza insert this shot (out of the dozens he took that day) in the White House Flickr set? (Both photos are pulled from WH Flickr.) The answer could be mundane. Still though, he chose it and it’s there, thus reflecting or coming to reflect something about the zeitgeist of the Administration.

    • matt

      joe biden and hillary clinton (from the 2008 campaign) are viewed by the same pundits who have been promoting this idea as champions of the working class little guys.

      “tastes great, less filling” – let’s drink some beers with joe six-pack.

      as to the overall question, it’s got to be a viable option for everyone… it could be in all three’s interests and desires. but it’s way, way, way too early to make a choice. let’s check back in march, april, may, even july or july of 2012.

  • tinwoman

    This would be a huge mistake. There are huge swathes of the country that hate nothing more than a Clinton. Go ahead, piss them off.

    • jasperjava

      Those people would never vote for Obama anyway.

  • Gasho

    It’s the image, stupid! Perhaps the editors weren’t trying to illustrate some chess match maneuvers or telegraph an upcoming change… maybe they appreciated the light-hearted, smiling characters sharing a rare moment that looks relatively stress free.

    Look at the lines! Hillary and Joe look like they could be doing a dance step here and the joy of it is even reflected in Obama’s playful tilt. The flags in the distance accentuate the angles. It looks like everyone just had a glass and a half of champagne. Rare mood captured here. I’m not surprised they chose this one at all. We can all use a little levity once in a while.

  • ivyleaves

    It also tends to put the lie to the Hilary replacing Joe idea – they are all shown as happy as they are, and happy with each other.

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