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October 21, 2010

Fringe Attacks Coming Back to Haunt the Right?

If these people are so radical about their pro-life stance (on the ballot in Colorado) that they would let a mother die before sacrificing a fetus, or they would force a woman to bear a child conceived out of rape or incest, then this imagery is not about Obama so much as it’s a projection of their own blind apocalyptic vision.

Perhaps the rendering of Obama as the Angel of Death has a more political symbolism at this point, though.  Perhaps the tone and tenor of the right has become so extreme, the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.

PersonhoodColorado Video.

  • Lenox

    That’s… just… beyond the pale.

  • antiquary

    “During a Fair,’Every Mummer, Juggler, Player, Performer, Interlude-Actor, and so forth, where he Mummeth, Juggleth, Playeth-, shall be privileged from molestation and arrest.’
    (After Margin had departed, the Counsellor finished the case for Horoscope; and then putting it, with a handsome fee, into the hands of Visor, bade him proceed with it to the Astrologer’s, and hasten back with his instructions upon it.”)

    • black dog barking

      “Whatever opinion may be entertained of the fancy or originality of the author of these tales, no reader will deny him the credit of considerable industry.”


  • http://e karen h

    now isn’t that fascinating…they use the benevolent, smiling Obama to overlay the skeletor/face of death imagery rather than Limbaugh’s “Satanic Obama”…this screams “not what he seems!!” rather tthan “looks like the devil”… The entire video is uber creepy…

  • black dog barking

    The arc of public discourse in post-bicentennial America is pretty much a death spiral. Normal day-to-day politics has devolved from a function of Freud’s super-ego into a free for all war of the Id. This is not healthy. Life is better with roads and schools and electricity, functions that require order and attention to boring details. Good government is boring.

    The image of BHO as Grim Reaper is very powerful. It is also complete bullshit, high quality visual distortion, a modern Triumph of the Will-type shortcut of brain circuitry, sneaking a bad idea past the array of mental constructions that normally detect and reject obvious lunacy. (Pop quiz: what is the chapter and verse of “Then the Angel of Death arrived and Hell followed with him”?)

    I see something very frightening in this image, something triggered by the art and craft that constructed the image (the medium, not the message). I see a frightening new vector of what was an annoying but minor social malady.

    I see metastasis.

    • cerberhesus


  • bystander

    Voting against Amendment 62 took about a nanosecond.

    I can’t help but wonder at the potential unintended consequence of some good Christian women voting by mail in ballot who now do so under their husband’s supervision and scrutiny. Mail in ballots are becoming ubiquitous in Colorado. I imagine there is more than one woman who might wish for the enforced privacy of the voting booth.

    This image of Obama is the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. As for the video … words fail. Hopefully, it will, too. I’ve never been more relieved to be past a child bearing age.

  • Adam

    I am of two opinions about how this is going to play out.

    Optimistic take: This rage from the right cannot be sustained, will naturally peter out after this election cycle, and we can begin to have rational discussions about the serious problems facing this country.

    Pessimistic take: This rage is being calculatingly stoked and will end in horrible results (another Oklahoma City bombing, political assassination, etc) as the climactic release of all the tension being built up with images like this.

    My worry is that the pessimistic take is the right one due to the tactical history of anti-abortion groups. Thank goodness that there is a grand jury investigation into a potential conspiracy in regards to the Dr. Tiller murder.

    Either way, I have a feeling the Secret Service is working overtime these days.

  • serr8d

    Perhaps the tone and tenor of the right has become so extreme, the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.

    Bingo. Give this man a cupcake for some good thinking.

    Of course there are those of us who preferred what was once center. But the far-left has taken over the Democrat party, and driven their platform so far from the mainstream that liberalism itself has been redefined. I’m a Classical Liberal by nature; the essence of that what drives Democrats today has redefined me as extreme right Conservative.

    Doesn’t matter. We have to take that pendulum, now out of control, back from the Democrats or the entire Republic will fail. Serious stuff we’re dealing with now.

    • serr8d

      “Angel of Death”, huh? Nothing new. We’ve more population than we’ve ever had, number-wise; one thing that excessive supply guarantees is the cheapening of the commodity considered.

    • Quax

      You’re surely joking?

    • Squeaky McCinkle

      “the far-left has taken over the Democrat party”?

      That’s just moronic.

  • Cmac

    By every objective measure, the DemocratIC party has moved to the right, not the left. Your hysteria marks you as an instrument of the far far far right, and never a liberal of any stripe. Really, do you think you can convince anyone with half a brain when you can’t even spell the name of the Democratic Party?

  • sharp stick

    per(se)ve(rr8d)’s the burk to edmund’s heir

  • momly

    Black Dog Barking, I thought the phrase came from Revelation but I couldn’t find it.

    • black dog barking

      Google doesn’t find it either. Whoever put this together is quite good at pandering to the X-tian apocalypse mind set. Perfect for Halloween.

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