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October 5, 2010


My takes:

• Look, you can put me in a midnight blue, witchy black background that I dissolve right into in my pitch black dress and jet black hair, and you see, everything’s fine!

• And you know who she’s riffing off of with this “everyman” shtick? Obama ‘08.

• You think you can flatter me, Christine? Well, YES YOU CAN. I haven’t felt this special since TIME honored me back in ‘06.

• The men are gonna smile at the spunk, and enjoy the, yes, bewitching intimacy, while women are gonna think: well yeah, who hasn’t done/tried/said some outrageous things before?

• Whatever she paid for those pearls, they’re worth every penny.

Christine O’Donnell “I’m You” ad (You Tube)

  • Roschelle

    this taking america back faction of people are sending a message to washington. no more politics as usual. as a matter of fact, it won’t be politics anymore at all. once this knee-jerk reaction of obama administration opposition finishes sending these schizos to washington to make decisions regarding our country and it’s people.. it might as well be the winter solstice of 2012.

    considering the direction this country seems to be headed.. i’m hoping the mayan calendar is correct!

  • black dog barking

    News babes are taking over the world. Or maybe they have already and I’m just starting to notice.

    Pearls remind me of Barbara Bush. Waking up to that reminder, today can only get better.

  • g

    Wearing all black and with hair styled like Wednesday Addams, don’t tell me she’s not a witch!

  • jonst

    and “you” be a creep.

  • matt

    check out the font.

    looks like obama 2008.

    • Michael Shaw

      Nice pick up.

  • Gasho

    Oh, yeah? You’re me, huh? Well, screw that. You might think you represent me – or could represent me – because you think that the “average American” is a real thing, but it’s not. Alternately, approach suggests that the two possible camps are “politician” and “all other Americans”, but that’s not true, either.

    She’s going to go down in flames because she won’t be able to stand up to the intense prying that a major campaign entails. She’s already been branded as a witch who’s misappropriating campaign funds. That’s about all I know about her.

    Image analysis: No background, Out of nowhere, insulting “I’M YOU” message and YouTube branding put her somewhere between Obama and the piano playing cat.

  • Enoch Root

    In that ad, she says, “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard.”

    So basically, she’s in the middle of a political campaign, and ‘nothing I’ve heard’ is true about O’Donnell.

    That’s abysmally bad news.

  • cmac

    Ack! No, no, no! You aren’t me. You will never be me!

    Ugh. Make her go away.

  • Michael Shaw

    I like Gasho’s “no background” read, echoed by Enoch. You can hear it in “I’m nothing.” That too, though, is something she spins in her her favor, though, a la Palin. As in:

    “I’m nothing. You’ve heard (that from people trying to tear me down)”.

    The other thing that’s really noteworthy that blackdog mentions is how incredibly young she comes off. The big time handlers that are clearly involved now could have easily made her look quite a bit older (beyond the pearls) but they didn’t. Was this a demographic play? I’ve been fascinated reading about the completely different reaction to the Facebook movie based on audience age. Did the people who made this political ad also have a split agenda here?

  • tardigrade

    It’s the smirk that says, “Hey! I really don’t know what I doing but, gee, who cares!”

  • echo

    I may be chaste and virginal for the sake of appearance, but I know what a pearl necklace is *wink* you betcha !

    The author of this mess is too clever by half.

    The desperation is palpable.

  • bill

    correction on last Bag bullet…”whatever HER CAMPAIGN paid for those pearls…”

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