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September 2, 2010

White House Priorities: First Things First?

Pete Souza/White House
Pete Souza/White House

We could look at the power dynamics and the body language and the setting of this picture touted yesterday on the WH Flickr stream (especially after Obama, last year, sloughed Netanyahu off on Biden), but… with the mid-terms, and the Democratic majority hanging in the balance; the country manically focus on the listless economy; and and Obama having shown such questionable political instincts by attacking healthcare ahead of Wall Street reform, the mortgage crisis and jobs, I can’t help but wonder where they are going with this ‘09 rerun, the first push after the summer break investing the Administration’s front page political and visual capital touting … Middle East peace?

  • black dog barking

    So who’s the guy sitting in front of the fireplace? A bodyguard ala The Jerry Springer show? There to break up the inevitable shouting / shoving match?

    Beg to differ on BHO’s questionable political instincts. In less than half of his first term he has managed to get a health care plan passed, orchestrated the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq, held together a willfully self-destructive financial system, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. The last president with close to that kind of achievement in his first two years as President has been dead for nearly fifty years now.

    No one in the media is willing to recognize and acknowledge the magnitude of this achievement because, well, I don’t know why.

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