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September 15, 2010

Fast Fooled

Christine O'Donnell <a href=";id=180780767375&amp;ref=fbx_album&amp;fbid=432729717375#!/supportchristine" target="_blank">Facebook page</a>
Christine O'Donnell Facebook page

Why these two shots? Because it’s that weird.

And because these two photos, one from Christine O’Donnell’s FB site and the other from her website, are so kitsch and just so reflective of the Tea Party’s white suburb, overweight, junk food eating, ardent flag waving, corporate colluding clown show.

  • mjfgates

    So, do Ronald and the cow count as “non-white” for my long-running game of Count the Blacks In the Tea Party Rally?

    • serr8d

      Seriously, mjfgates? You assign them permanent numbers, maybe tattoo ‘em too?

    • cmac

      Not the clown, mjfgates. He’s soooo white. Maybe areas of the cow, though.

      As for you, serr8d: ah-ha-ha-ha-ha. Good one! You joke that calling out a white racist is a racist act, equal in nature to the tatooing of the Jews in the concentration camps. You slay me, man.

  • serr8d

    The Democrat party just wishes there’d been as much celebration and media coverage to any Democrat who just won a primary last night.

    Wait… RANGEL~!

    • g

      For once I agree with you. There goes that “lame-stream media”.

    • Stan B.

      Tell ‘em serr8d! Unlike those woeful Dems, these happy winners never masturbated in their lives!!!

  • black dog barking

    So McDonald’s does political endorsements now. Interesting choice for a candidate — white and not-young wouldn’t be my first guess as the cohort a fast food chain might court. Maybe the candidate is just borrowing this endorsement. She’ll pay it back.

    Interesting use of color with the tee-shirts, red lettering on a blue background: It takes you / to make red, white, and blue. O’Donnell 2010.

  • Paul_D

    Ronald® must be like family to these Real Americans® since it appears they’ve never heard of a salad.

    • lytom

      I have no fondness for Ronald, but your comment is a put down.
      Ronald McDonald is second only to Santa Claus in terms of recognition. (According to one survey, 96% of all school kids in the United States of America recognize Ronald McDonald.)

    • Paul_D

      That was my intent.

  • g

    For what it’s worth, here’s the math, from the New York Times:

    In Delaware, just over 55,000 people cast ballots in the party’s primary, and Ms. O’Donnell’s margin of victory over Mr. Castle was just over 3,000 votes. The state has about 621,000 registered voters, and of those, about 182,000 are Republicans.

    Less than 30,000 people voted for her.

    • Wayne Dickson

      Or, to put it another way, “Fully thirty thousand putatively rational people voted for this woman?”

  • Ariel

    Look, O’Donnell’s views terrify me as much as they do you. But do we really need these snide comments about how her supporters look? That kind of nastiness doesn’t seem likely to bring anyone back into the Democratic fold.

    • ivyleaves

      I agree, I find the whole thing super offensive, and pretty sure progressive supporters aren’t all thin and bones, either.

    • jonst

      I agree with you as well Ariel, but half the fun for the morons on ‘our’ side, those who claim to be genuinely concerned about O’Donnell’s policy positions is to make the snide remarks. Remarks that if made about other ethnic or gender groups would raise the howls of the Baggets.

      Blah, blah, blah, they are fat, and racists, and tire looking, and defeated looking and so forth.

    • Wordsmith

      They are accurate descriptors as far as I’m concerned.

    • cmac

      Hardly anybody in this country is skin and bones anymore, but must we truly pretend not to notice that these people are to a man (and woman) overweight and white? They have lined up with Ronald McDonald – the original perp in the fattening of America – to support a candidate of a party whose racist tendencies are well documented.

      And Jonst, I’m not sure that pointing out (in an earlier entry) that some of these people look more tired and defeated than they do angry is an insult as is the allusion to their weight and assumed bigotry. To me it seems more a plea for empathy.

  • DCNW

    BNN does have a tendency to slip into attack/denigrate mode. What happened to “Please be nice”?

    This post could have been written by Genn Beck. He’s really good at demeaning language and tone.

    Resist the low hanging fruit, BNN.

  • Michael Shaw


    I was going to add a comment to the thread just above, so I’m glad you put it right out there. Perhaps the difference between where Wordsmith and cmac are coming from — as opposed to Ariel and ivyleaves — involves the tone of this post. The demographics of the Tea Party is highly relevant, especially given a visual agenda. I believe the obesity issue is not irrelevant either. Revisiting the post, though (although I work pretty hard trying not to blur the line, and think I have gotten much more disciplined about it), my tone in that last paragraph was denigrating.


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