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September 20, 2010

Hands in the Witchcraft

Screen grabs: ThinkProgress via Bill Mahr
Screen grabs: ThinkProgress via Bill Mahr

Well, that’s how visual memory works. In your mind’s eye, you can practically still see and point out where the blood was as you’re looking down from the satanic alter on your first date with a witch — that is, before running out to a movie then coming back for the alter picnic.

(Video at ThinkProgress)

  • black dog barking

    The cultural warrior as a young (wo)man. To come: newsbabes, Sarah Palin, Katharine Harris’s body makeover and surreal campaign for the US Senate.

  • Cristian YM

    Did you see this very funny video? It’s called ‘Christine O’Donnell – Everybody Masturbates’

  • AlbertKEcht

    When the Christian Right takes over, they will outlaw alcohol and beer – like they did before!

    Albert K. Echt

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