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September 22, 2010

Obama’s Wars (And That’s Just at the Office)

If Mike Allen thinks Woodward’s book is a net positive for Obama, the cover surely isn’t.  Yes, the “team of rivals” is hopelessly divided. Much worse, however, is the implication that a frustrated Obama (see: tensed jaw and furrowed brow), far from leading or directing anybody, has become marginalized and penned in by a small-minded free-for-all.

Given that dynamic, the title takes on a different loading, the “WARS” relating more to Obama’s battle with his advisers, and the advisers with each other, than to America’s engagements overseas.  The meta?  Obama’s larger profile is at risk because he can’t keep his house in order.

(updated 9/23 11am PST: added last line. credits: pending)

  • Malika

    you have to love the conical hat (I know it’s a traditional hat) and the karate chop…this cover borrows more from Anime than from All the President’s Men….

  • Mo’s Bike Shop

    Who’s nephew did the PhotoShopping on that? I had to go to Amazon to see if that pic was real. Oi.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Compare what this photo does for Petraeus as opposed to what it does to Obama. Petraeus sits foresquare amid the storm, looking straight at us. He is the point of balance and stability.

  • black dog barking

    What an odd picture. It does nothing to pique my interest about what might lie between its covers. The size difference tends to emphasize “the Other” aspect of BHO’s presidency. Gulliver and the Lilliputians comes to mind but I doubt Bob Woodward and Jonathon Swift share much literary space.

    BTW, haven’t we beat the War horse to death? Yet? Obama’s Job sounds more like a book I’d find interesting. Obama’s Wars sounds like same old shit, 2010.

    • Michael Shaw


      It’s really interesting you mention Gulliver. Not sure if you saw this Vanity Fair illustration of Obama just recently:

    • black dog barking

      No I hadn’t. The VF illustration captures the stature gap between the president and the yammering swarm.

  • bill

    Personally I like the cover and find it favorable to Obama. I’d call his look piercing, like he can see through all the horsecrap, and stern, like you clowns better watch out. He’s the thinker while the others are small and, well, silly-looking. Biden appealing to the heart, Hillary off on a tangent, Karzai as a dunce, Petraeus as a midget…

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