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September 7, 2010

My ‘Pastor Terry “Burn a Koran” Jones Photo Scrapbook’: At the Office

Since he’s on the verge of setting off a major conflagration between the Christian and the Muslim worlds, I thought it might be worthwhile for us to look at some pictures of Pastor Terry.  I’m really interested in your take.

From what I’ve read, there are only two pictures hanging in the Pastor’s office, one of George Bush and the other of Mel Gibson.  (Of course, I didn’t know, until I tracked down the clip, exactly what the “photo” of Bush actually showed.  Because the Pastor is obviously a Braveheart fan — having named his very “out there” You Tube pontifications after the film, I’d say the poster offers some fodder for interpretation, as well.

How do you read these?

(photos:; FOX)

  • Enoch Root

    The man lives in a fantasy world of movies made by Mel Gibson. Gibson, you’ll recall, made a strangely anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic movie about Jesus Christ. Sadly, there was no Islam at the time of the Passion for Mel Gibson to poop upon.

    Also, nothing says fire and brimstone like a mustache from the 1800s.

  • Roschelle

    although i consider myself far more spiritual than i do religious, for a number of reasons, it’s difficult to wrap my mind around someone “professing” to be a man of the word that’s filled with so much hate and promoting such a delusional message.

    Woe to the times in which we live.

  • DCNW

    For Pastor Jones, “the world” is a place ruled by Satan. Each day, Pastor Jones moves through a world that for him is a war zone, a place where hearts must be brave in order to fend off Satan’s attacks. No other frame sufficiently captures the motivations behind Burn-a-Koran Day other than War. The Forces of Good against the Forces of Evil.

    Bush engaged the same war in which Jones has enlisted. Evidently Abe Lincoln and George Washington are channelling all of their (Protestant?) clout to pray that (Jones’) God keeps President Brave Heart – and his Republican Party – safe in this war.

    For Jones, a charred Koran puts one in the Win column.

  • serr8d

    Shouldn’t be such a big deal. I wouldn’t care if Muslims burned down a stack of Bibles.

    I’ll bet there were a few Bibles at the WTC what got burned. Plenty of people praying up there, before everything hit the ground. Some Muslims too.

    I’m more interested in your personal pictures taken personally, by you, in Mecca. When will you post those ?

    • Borges

      ‘…for as ibn-Khaldun has written: “In the republics founded by nomads, the attendance of foreigners is essential for all those things that bear upon masonry.”‘

    • bill

      Not the same thing. At least not anymore. Christians today promote paperback bibles that are meant to be given away, even thrown away. Even the most Bible-literalist Christians have divorced the words from the volume that holds them. Muslims instead value the whole package more. The average Bible today is not as well bound as the average NYT bestseller. Whereas 100 years ago, ANY Bible was a thing of beauty.

  • Matthew Platte

    Meh. Lucky guy gets his 15 minutes; good for him! PZ Myers’ Crackergate was way more fun, though.

  • jonst

    Bag, what makes you think that a “major conflagration” is about to take place?

    • Michael Shaw

      Sorry, thought this was a clearer reference to the hate + hysteria than perhaps it was.

  • serr8d

    Glenn Beck is against the 200 Qur’ans getting torched. Mayor Bloomberg is not against it.

    The Keymaster can’t be far off.

  • lytom

    The act of burning has special horrific meanings in history. In this case humans are not affected, unlike burning of victims of drone attacks, napalm, nuclear or phosphorus bombs, and so on…
    It is interesting that Betrayus and Obama’s administration are so afraid how it would affect the military lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere, where the US interests are fought for…
    When in doubt, ask, which one would have more emotional effect on pastor and for that matter on anyone, burning of a church, bible, or a person?

  • rod Raynovich

    Well I’m glad Petraeus said something not Obama or we’d be back onto the “Obama is a Muslim” theme. The fit with Gibson is appropriate.

  • Redruby

    This is a made-for-media event, and the media is just quacking right into his party. The media is irresponsible, thriving on sensationalism and leading us into evil.

  • tinwoman

    I don’t think we should condone the burning of the Q’uran, and I also don’t think we should be coddling the set of superstitions particular to muslims by acting like it’s the Greatest Crime Ever. We should ignore it, and try to make sure that violence does not take place.

  • Zoey & Me

    He’s a crackpot. Thanks Mr and Mrs Media for giving him air time.

  • bill

    Am I the only one who finds it strange he has pictures of Bush, Washington, and Mel Gibson in his office but no pictures of Jesus? It’s bad enough when religious leaders elevate politics to the level of religion, but to elevate it beyond it?!?!

    • black dog barking

      Not any more. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Michael Shaw

      Bill, thanks for steering back to the photos. I think the Abraham, George + George picture is very strange. With the backlight/halo around Bush, and the hands of the “fathers” on him, isn’t George Bush Jesus Christ?

    • bill

      Yeah, and it goes back to what a pastor’s “calling” really is. That freaky photo looks ideal for a Sarah Palin office…the idea of dead but godly American leaders “ordaining” a politician by “the laying on of hands” for the service of God. But in the office of a pastor?!?!?! Isn’t HIS office supposed to be the one that’s truly ordained by God? Isn’t he supposed to be the one who received the “laying on of hands”? Again, it’s one thing for a confused Christian voter to think politics is the highest service of God. But for a pastor to think that??? Talk about confusing Church and State!

  • Mayfly

    That background halo was around Bush Jr.’s head in so many pictures. It fit in with the religious right’s line that God had chosen Bush, so it didn’t matter whether Bush was ignorant, flawed or whatever. God would “lift him up.”

    Jones’ pictures represent his very dramatic and very shallow “religion.”

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