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September 15, 2010

Christine’s Armey (Whether He Likes it or Not)!/supportchristine

Speaking of Christine O’Donnell’s character baggage

If disingenuous and deceptive, it seems par for the course that the candidate would tout this photo on her Facebook site when Dick Armey and Freedom Works, the Tea Party bigwigs, dissociated themselves from her and openly rooted against her in the primary.

But I do like Revolutionary Guy.

  • mmer

    It seems as though there’s baggage galore this year (aka, Alvin Greene in South Carolina). Granted, I can’t find any evidence that any faction of the Democratic Party (other than 59% of those that voted) support this guy.

    What’s going on in this election cycle? Is the party leadership less involved in candidate selection, do they not hear what the majority of voters are saying (at least those voters going to the polls), or is there a significantly organized group of dissatisfied voters making a difference? I find it amazing that people like O’Donnell and Greene make it as far as they do without the deep pockets that most successful candidates have.

  • black dog barking

    Revolutionary Guy today, Ronald McDonald and a giant cow yesterday, looks like fun finds Ms O’Donnell where ever she goes. It also looks like Mr Armey approves of Ms O’Donnell, looks like an endorsement despite what those pesky news reports say. Looks like.

  • jmac

    Is that a rifle pointing at the neck of the guy in the back?

    Shooting themselves in the foot? Blowing their heads off?

    One thing’s for sure – they control the Republican party – Romney sent O’Donnell a $5,000 check. He needs her (the Phyllis Schafly mini-me) supporters to win. Very sad day for the Republican party.

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