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September 14, 2010

Election Final: Christine, For “The Community”

images: <a href="" target="_blank">christine2010</a>.com

I was interested in the juxtaposition below from Christine O’Donnell’s multimedia page.  (Christine is the fundamentally unqualified Palin Tea Party knockoff (if that’s not an oxymoron) running for Senate today in Delaware’s GOP primary.

The second photo is the only small-group photo with African-Americans on Christine’s multimedia page.

The other one is the photo leading the post

That picture is labeled “Christine in the Community.”  (Yes, as of now, the thumbnail is sideways and the picture displays sideways.)  Do you imagine these girls, or their parents, have any idea they’ve been so honored?

  • Peter Coom

    Couldn’t help noticing the difference in the fare at the table of both sets of diners. That in itself is another story.

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  • ivyleaves

    I can’t help noticing comment spam is hacking comments everywhere these days.

  • ivyleaves

    Also would like to ask about the “fundamentally unqualified” statement. I only remember hearing this 3 times – Harriet Myers, Sarah Palin, and now here. I suspect this is because nobody feels the need to research the qualifications of males every time they appear on the scene, especially if they are wearing a suit. That’s how Joe Plumbers who aren’t get talked about a whole bunch before they are unmasked.

    • dan p

      I fully agree about the “fundamentally unqualified”. It’s not that it’s untrue, but rather that it’s far more broadly true than the times people feel comfortable trotting it out. In general if it seems more comfortably easy to pile on one candidate than another, it is mandatory that you examine what factors make it so. The background of mysogyny within our discourse should counsel holding back on the easy insult, even if it’s true, if such an insult never seems to gain traction for men.

      It reminds me of people (like a younger version of me) who pile on when it’s convenient to insult Mormons, or Wiccans, and then when called on it explain that it’s ok because they’re equally unimpressed by mainline protestant churches. That may be so for them personally. And yet you’re borrowing the bigoted microphone of conventional wisdom to make your point. It’s cheating.

      If it seems annoying to have to police yourself when you know your intentions are good, well, that’s the price for trying to be an adult and make the discourse better.

  • cmac

    I’m confused by which of these pictures shows up where – tried to go to the link, but it failed. Nevertheless, a comment: the white senior citizens appear to be engaged by Christine while the black ones won’t even look at her. Neither crowd appears to be happy. The white diners may be sharing concerns about ‘ObamaCare’ as the caption states, or they may not; the black diners appear disinterested at best and possibly irritated by the interruption.

    The little girls in the sideways photo smile for the camera because that’s what little girls do. They have no idea they’re being used to provide ‘color’ for Christine’s website.

  • louboutin

    I can’t help noticing comment spam is hacking comments everywhere these days.

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