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September 9, 2010

“Burn a Quran” Update: Pics Getting Weirder

John Raoux/AP
John Raoux/AP

As Terry Jones continues to score attention (Now the Vatican; his eminence, Anderson Cooper; and Obama — weighing in quite appropriately, at this point, and labeling the plan a “stunt”), I wonder if you get a vigilante vibe from yesterday’s photo of the Quran-burning pastor and his heat-packing escort?

Of course, there’s also the old adage: “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they also aren’t out to get you.”

(caption: Pastor Terry Jones, right, f the Dove World Outreach Center arrives at a news conference with an armed escort in Gainesville, Fla., Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010. Jones stated that he is going forward with a scheduled burning of copies of the Quran at his church on Saturday, Sept. 11.)

  • echo

    A book burning.
    But why stop there ?
    They should burn the whole church down.

  • jane

    I heard on Randi Rhodes that the “pastor” is very wealthy and his clothes reflect that wealth. Both he and the body guard seem to be staring at the camera, even though we can’t see their eyes through the dark glasses. They know the world is focused on them and they like the attention.
    The female body guard is dressed for a picnic in her backyard. If anything happens and she has to react she’s going to lose those shoes.

    • Mayfly

      Yes, I noticed those shoes, also. Her expression seems to convey confidence in her ability as a bodyguard–but it appears she hasn’t thought it through.

  • g

    I saw another photo of him where a woman was putting on his jacket for him. Now here’s this woman who appears to be carrying his jacket. Guy seems to like to have women servants.

  • Michael Shaw

    I like how Maddow dispensed with the idea this guy was a legitimate pastor. You get past that piece of cloth, then listen to his lunatic words and read that lunatic website, and you get a vivid picture of a guy who is completely mental.

  • matt

    hooters and handguns.

    wheels stuck in the mud.

  • tinwoman

    This guy was kicked out of Germany for, among other things, assaulting his parishiners (!) He’s far from a real pastor, and little more than a leader of small cult.

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