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September 24, 2010

Apparently, Can’t Tell the Difference Between Tee Time/Tea Time

Boehner leading Congress?  He certainly failed PhotoOp 101 yesterday.

As much trouble as the Left and the Center-Right Dems are having right now, Boehner gave us a wonderful demonstration — being so clueless as to actually brandish this tea pot somebody stuck in his hand after the “Contract with America II” pitch  — of how the (country club) Right is getting rolled by the Ultra-Far (anarchist) Right.

  • echo

    Ties removed ? check
    Sleeves rolled up ? check
    Stand in strait line ? check
    Stand at attention in unison ? check

    I think I may be suffering from imagery overload.

    Won’t somebody please rid us of these jackbooted charlatans ?

  • Books Alive

    Your headline with “tee” led me to think that he might have been walking out with a golf bag!

    Keith Olbermann nas dubbed it “Lemon Pledge.”

  • black dog barking

    The word “Pledge” in the document’s title carries Xtian overtones not found in its prior incarnation, the Contract With America. Religion in America still allows one to gather with one’s own kind unlike other institutions like schools. Diversity can be as uncomfortable as standing in public without one’s power tie.

    The top photo shows a group that is 80% white male, a fractal glimpse at their angry cohort.

  • doran

    Every day the GOP lobs softballs like this at the Dems, who stand back each time and take the pitch because they are afraid of angering the GOP fans watching the game.

  • Gerry Desrosiers

    Jon Stewart’s take-down of this event was priceless. He described the pledge as “not so much a sequel, as a shot-by-shot remake.” His footage included Boner 2010 in lockstep with Boner 1998, word for word, inflection by inflection. Only the tie was missing from this year’s performance.

    Btw, Cantor, Ryan and the forgettable guy (McCarthy?) bill themselves as “The Young Guns.” I just see them as the “Three Amigos.”

  • M Garrity

    Anarchists? No more than O is a socialist. Don’t take the bait and join in the distending.

  • Doc Häagen-Dazs

    Democrats are now also a party for the big money instead of the little guy. Rahm Emanuel, now Obama’s chief of staff, schools congressional candidates:

    The first third of your campaign is money, money, money. The second third is money, money, and press. And the last third is votes, press and money.

    For those keeping score at home, that’s Money 6, Voters 1.

  • irishdave3

    Seems like KO is mistaken…since Lemon Pledge prevents Wacky Yellow Build-up…more like Orange Tea

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