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August 13, 2010

The 110 Story “World Trade Center Mega-” Mosque: Coming To a Bus Near You

Censorship issues aside, the Ground Zero transit ad should have been rejected strictly on visual grounds.  The graphic is misleading to the point of fraudulence in five different ways, including misrepresentation of scale, shape, name, visibility and geography.

The ad graphically equates the proposed 16 story Muslim center to the 110 story WTC which was one of the tallest buildings in the word. The illustration also cements the equivalency with the term “mega,” used for no other reason than to grossly inflate the scale, while taking the liberty of actually re-branding the center with the World Trade Center name. The equivalence is also created by placing the Islamic center closer to us than the WTC, the building drawing our eye into the distance as it angles away while also (inaccurately) presenting the buildings as almost identical in shape.

The other gross misrepresentation here is to create the impression the Center towers over the buildings around it and also has a site line to the actual Ground Zero when, in reality, the building across the street, the twenty-story 100 Church Street, blocks the view to the south and Cordoba, because it is also hemmed in from the rear by the sixteen-story 110 Church Street, has very limited views.

By locating Ground Zero in a single spot (in between the arrows) and then using the arrows to imply that only one or the other structure could exist “there,” the graphic suggests the Cordoba House, which is blocks away from the Ground Zero site, is contending to relocate and occupy the same space as Ground Zero.

If our culture was even a little more sophisticated about the power and impact of imagery, fighting this illustration (perceptually, as well as officially) would be a no-brainer.

Pamela Geller’s Stop Islamization of America website, which has purchased the ad, also shows the alternate versions it proposed before getting the nod to run its first choice.

  • Tom White

    It’s a shame the U.S. doesn’t have a law against incitement to racial hatred.

    • serr8d

      A shame you don’t live somewhere else. Mecca or Medina suit your taste? Would you be welcome there?

    • Tom White

      I don’t know. Never been there. Have you?

    • Saifullah

      It isn’t racial or ethnic hate. It is more heinous than that. It is complete hatred for 1.5 billion people in the world.

      Islam is practiced in more than 5 million homes in America with a total of more than 12 million Muslims. Most of whom are citizens of the USA. Many of whom are native-born citizens at that.

      Muslims comprise of every ethnic group and every nationality in the world. No single country has an absence of Islam (there is even a prayer area in the Vatican city due to the number of Muslims that have moved into the area over the century).

      Hatred of this scale has no precedence; there is no law to cover it because it is such all-encompassing hatred on a scale unknown since the inquisition.

      This Islamophobia has already gotten a body count with Mosques set on fire and bombed across America by domestic terrorists waving the banner of Christendom and neo-conservatism.
      With teabagger politiicans inciting riot and triggering hate-crimes against Muslims ranging from teenagers being beaten up in hallways to mothers being shot at point-blank range in front of their children.

      It has to stop; or else a new civil war will envelop America.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Race and religion do get confused here, don’t they. Truth is, of course, there are a billion Muslims on the planet, and they definitely do not share the same race. Isn’t Indonesia the most populous Muslim nation?

    The evil Bin Laden launched on September 11 continues to burgeon, doesn’t it. First a couple of buildings and 3000 lives. Then the evolving nuisance of air travel. Then the Patriot Act. Now this…

    Each poster, on each bus, is one more addition to Bin Laden’s evil accomplishment.

    • black dog barking

      Good point about Bin Laden’s evil accomplishment. Scary, too, when you consider that *we* have been the agent of much of this evil accomplishment.

  • g

    Wonder why they used the crescent moon+star tipped like that? That orientation made it jump out at me like a smiley-face.

    Interestingly, most crescent moon symbols on flags of Islamic nations are oriented more vertically:

    The tipped crescent is unique to Pakistan – our nominal ally, of course.

  • echo

    Pamela Geller’s stock in trade.
    She gives Israel a bad name.

    She is a propagandist.
    She is a lying weasel.
    She is inhumane.
    She desperately wants to be a part of the old boy network of backslapping fat cats, parading their bona fides in a game of vampiric one-upmanship.

    Jewish community leaders fail to denounce her because to do so would be perceived as weakness and make them a target of her campaign to sway the diaspora to her eliminationist viewpoint.

    She makes frequent appearances on Radio Rwanda ( right wing talk radio that is ) both in the US and Canada and I can’t figure out why she hasn’t been convicted for the hate speech crimes she has committed. Its as if the American justice system is loathe to go after Israeli extremists.

    An old Israeli friend of mine once concluded that the conflict in the middle east will never end because too many people are making too much money off its continuance.

    Geller is one of these people and she should be disappeared.


    • serr8d

      Really, echo?

      You, too, but first I think.

  • NF

    masquers of the red/white/blue death

  • Geek Hillbilly

    I’ve watched the rightwingnuts try every scare tactic known and they have even invented a few to scare white people into a xenophobic frenzy,which is the only way they seem to get support.It’s sad that so many turn off their ability to think for themselves and swallow this tripe.

    • Boboe

      You’re an idiot.

  • serr8d

    Sure, put the Mosque in Brooklyn. Just as soon as we get a Synagogue in Mecca and a Cathedral in Medina.

    When can we get started on those ?

    • g

      “We?” Are you Saudi?

      This Newt Gingrich talking point is bizarre. Are you really advocating a symbolic building should be built in a foreign country, not in response to the needs of people who live there and want to worship in it, but to satisfy “us” – whoever “we” might be?

      Do your really see Christianity as a empty symbol to bludgeon and offend others? I don’t imagine God looks too kindly on that, serr8d.

      This is America. We believe in freedom of religion. Do you think we shouldn’t follow the principles in our Constitution if other nations are oppressive?

    • buddy

      As an atheist, I don’t condone any tax-free religious buildings anywhere, so this one sticks in my craw just like all the rest. But to use the extreme right-wing talking point to denigrate one desert religion against another is somewhat comical to me.

      Get a grip, all religions are nonsense. This one bothers the loony right because they’re afraid of its power over them. When the bed-wetters are given a voice, we hear their fear. It’s kind of sad.

    • doug

      Yes indeed, please go talk to the Christian communities in Mecca and Medina and help them build their buildings.

      Oh, wait…

    • Tom White

      Erm. It’s not a mosque.

      And I actually think there are a few mosques in Brooklyn already. I believe there may be Churches and Synagogues there too.

      Oh, and as for the idea that the site of the world trade center is a holy one, well, if that is the case, then I think it should be holy for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many others who follow particular faiths as I was under the impression that the 3000+ deaths on that day included people of various religious persuasions. If that is the case, then why not have a place of worship on a such a site? Which it isn’t by the way. It’s two blocks away. And it’s not a mosque.

    • Saifullah

      Hey Bigot.. there are already churches in Saudi Arabia. They’ve existed since the 8th century.

      Neo-cons and the right-wing whackjobs like Rush Limbaugh don’t want you to know about it but I’ve been there.
      I’ve seen them.

    • Saifullah

      By the way, the first known Mosque built in the USA was constructed in Manhattan in 1893 by the first known Caucasian-American convert to Islam; A diplomat working for the US State Department.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    serr8d would you like us to be as intolerant of otherness as others are? would that create more harmony?

  • fuck you

    How about free speech? Just because your pro mudslime agenda doesn’t allow dissension doesn’t mean others don’t have that right to speak up.

    There’s already a fucking mosque in that very area, was there before 9/11 in fact. WE DON’T NEED MOSQUES ON EVERY STREET CORNER, THIS LAND DOES NOT BELONG TO ALLAH’S SHEEP.

  • SmarterNU

    Islam is a cult of evil. It’s not a religion. No mainstream religion’s “holy book” demands that its followers “kill the infidel” or torture or kill women and apostates. Any person, Muslim or not, who tells you that Islam is a “religion of peace” is either a liar or a fool.

  • paavwep1982

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