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August 12, 2010

Rush’s Facebook Wedding Album (plus, Kathryn)

So, I was having some fun looking at Rush’s on-line wedding album and I have a few takeaways:

1. In most weddings, doesn’t the bride outshine all?

2. What you have here is a whole lot of “look at me,” and “look what I just did.”  What happened to: “I only have eyes for you, babe”?

3.  Who has an honor guard at a wedding? And then, how do you fit it in?  Does Old Glory replace the first dance?

4.  Psst, doesn’t Rush know Elton is gay?

(photos: Donna Newman)

  • CKR
  • black dog barking

    That honor guard is there for all of Mr Limbaugh’s old army buddies. I’ll bet they threw him a helluva bachelor’s party.

    The monochrome prints radiate a Golden Age of Hollywood vibe, simple elegance being the highest expression of civilization. Enjoy your night, Mr Limbaugh, it’s back to the trenches of the Culture War tomorrow.

    • Karen H.

      Is it me or is there a distinct fishing trophy vibe to these photos? Must be me….

    • doggril

      Is this his fourth or fifth holy matrimony? I’ve lost count.

    • Stan B.

      Thanks Dave- Forgot he was Republican!

    • texrednface

      That honor guard is there for all of Mr Limbaugh’s old army buddies. I’ll bet they threw him a helluva bachelor’s party.

      What Army Buddies? Your statement implies he made friends during his service in the Army. What service? Unless his lovely bride served her country in the military, this appears to be a gratuitous use of a military honor guard to honor Limbaugh himself. Absolutely shameless.

  • Stan B.

    Too bad they didn’t have all the young brown females that El Rusho screws on his Viagra fueled forays in the Dominican Republic as bridesmaids… They would have looked great in those sepia tones!

    • Heydave

      I think you mean young brown boys.

  • CF2K

    I can’t decide whether Rush or Elton has the phonier smile.

  • Thomas

    Psst, doesn’t Elton know Rush is Rush?

    • quincyscott

      Exactly. What is Elton thinking?

  • Enoch Root

    Those are some seriously beautiful wedding photos. Congrats to the photographer for landing the gig.

    Speaking of the gig… This does not say to me that Limbaugh is a man of the people. This says to me that Limbaugh has enormous wealth and power and could squash anyone he wanted to.

    It also gives me hope that maybe if Limbaugh gets laid a little more, under less Dominican circumstances, he might chill out on-air.

  • g

    Very few – one, maybe? – pictures where the loving couple makes eye contact with one another. Only one (1 of 20 in the album) where there is a strong physical connection between them.

  • JayBat

    Good God, he got married? I had no idea. I hope she makes him wear a condom. Those trips to the DR, y’know.

  • mallenorg

    Great photographer. Was there one photo of the two looking at each other?

  • paulo

    In the photo where Rush is in Mitch Miller pose (both hands up like he’s conducting 50 men) is he wearing a wire in his left ear?

    I tried to see it as a funny reflection of ambient light but I only see a wire.

    • Michael Shaw

      That tripped me up in the past, also. It’s for a hearing deficit.

  • terri

    Since when is a wedding all about the groom and not the bride. For goodness sakes you can’t even see her face!

  • Mona

    I don’t understand the hand gesture in this picture. Is he keeping beat to a march? The Manchurian Candidate? What an ego!

  • buddy

    Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, as that toad Kissinger once said. This poor woman must have gotten the short straw in her sorority’s initiation hazing.

  • catbirdman

    Elton John. What a sad old whore. If I ever get nostalgic and feel like attending one of his shows, all I need do is remember this pathetic episode. Blech.

  • Asta

    The photos remind me of the stock images you find in the ready-made frames at craft stores.

  • gulati

    Already thought Rush was just as loud, but now he even looks like Archie Bunker.

  • gulati

    The comparatively grainy pic of Rush & Elton makes me think that what flashed in the (Rush friendly?) photog’s mind was, “quick, get a pic of Rush with Elton to show off Rush’s magnanimous nature.”

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