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August 25, 2010

Mid-Term Update: GOP Identity Crisis

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First he was the next Obama.  Then, he was the flag bearer of the Tea Party. If Rubio is the brightest young star in the GOP constellation, though, the way he’s been framed — especially as he flees the tea house in order to get down with Meek and Crist – is just another demonstration how much the Republican’s lack a governing identity.

  • jonst

    Why is this guy any different than about 500K politicians before him who lean to the ‘Base’ in the primaries, and then swing back to the ‘Center’ in the general election? As to the Times cover, I doubt they (the reporters) would have any clue about the Tea Party is. Or what the Netroots is. Or anything else, slight left, or slight right, outside of their tiny, insulated, mainstream world. They know brunches, conferences, power lunches, and who’s ass to kiss to get a promotion. And if they are very good…they know the latest ‘must have color’ home furnishings.

    • jmac

      “Why is this guy any different . . .”

      Because “the base” has gone rogue. After years of pretending the Republican platform didn’t exist and getting elected only to ignore the platform, Republicans now have to toe the line – no taxes, abortion, the “hoax” of global warming, no “pathway to citizenship” – defy any of these and you are dead meat. They have to vote the platform – and their platform has always been extreme.

  • Batocchio

    Hey, they abandoned responsible policy ideas decades ago, why should they bother with an identity?

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