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August 17, 2010

Oily Fish Nets: Italian Vogue Does the Gulf Disaster

I’m interested in your take on all these shots, but the one that’s the most egregious — and therefore, the most effective, I guess — is the glove as oil-covered bird.

More tear sheets here.

  • lytom

    The image reminds me of the Shakespeare scene from Titus Andronicus, severed hands…
    It certainly is an indictment of BP, but also makes sure it should not be easily forgotten as in a swim by Obama with his daughter…

  • Malika


    • black dog barking

      Apparently Fashion does = Death in the wacky world of Mad Men. Reference some years back when there was an advertising campaign based around death row inmates. IIRC, that was Italian and fashion, too.

    • acm

      that’s kind of been the growing trend — models as drug addicts, broken dolls, even murder victims. I don’t understand how it could possibly sell the clothes, but it does emphasize that violence against women never goes out of style…

  • Stella

    Thanks for posting this series. I was struck by the word ‘controversial,’ and certainly found it in the comments. We are somehow muddling through it all (life and death) together.

    The glove shot is very creative, hardly egregious.
    I do love an artist who pushes the boundaries, and these photos do that. They’re not meant to sell us any fashion, which can be just as offensive as BP has been – profits rule.

  • thazwhu’ah’mtalkin’bout

    ‘as black as hell, as dark as night’

  • bystander

    Gothic. Models as oil soaked marine life? Interesting. I’d be more impressed if Vogue had been able to draw a sharper connection between its own business model and the one that despoiled the Gulf. Didn’t put that well; let me try again. Hello, Vogue. What’s your contribution to this coastal disaster? Or, are you opining from the comfort of afar?

  • paulo

    This is powerful and more nuanced than first appears.

    If seabirds were white woman…

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