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August 8, 2010

Grizzlies To Die For

Running for governor of Georgia.

First, I had to get past the fact the Vanity Fair slideshow is one big Palin pander-fest.  Clearing that hurdle, though, I was able to enjoy this pic of Grizzley #5, Georgia GOP candidate for  Governor, Karen Handel.  Actually, I think I like the storage unit background as much as Karen and her artillery. Bear hunting, anyone?

(image: caption: As Georgia’s secretary of state from 2007 to 2010, Karen Handel passed the Help America Vote Act, requiring that individuals provide documentation proving citizenship when they register to vote (a law opposed by the A.C.L.U. and the Hispanic community). Arizona governor Jan Brewer—a fierce advocate of the controversial Arizona immigration law—has endorsed Handel, stating that she “will fight to pass similar illegal immigration laws in Georgia.” Palin, for her part, called Handel “a pro-life, pro-Constitutionalist with a can-do attitude.”)

  • serr8d

    Not legal for hunting, as shown. Max rounds allowed in a hunting rifle (in most states) is 5. She’d have to change out the magazine to a 5-round maximum to hunt with that weapon. And, being .223 (5.56 x 45 NATO), it’s far too small a bullet for effective hunting. NATO rounds are designed to wound people unless it’s a lethal placement; it’s more ‘humane’ that way.

    She’d be better off hunting with an AK-47; being 7.62 x 39, that’s .30 caliber, and plenty adequate for most North American game.

    Oh, and by the way, the 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting. You leftists should finally get that through your thick noggins. The 2nd Amendment is about saving lives, and keeping a free nation. And you, your sorts, cannot take it away from the people, no matter how much you’d like to do so in your attempt to have your mythical nirvana-statist-state – that will never happen. Get over it. Learn to live like real men and women, and not rely on the State to fund your lives.

    • Anonymous

      The 2nd Amendment is about saving lives, and keeping a free nation.

      Against who?

      Against each other? Against China? Our own government? Who do we have to fear that we all need to be armed?

      It can’t be the leftists because they don’t want the guns.

    • cmac


    • cmac

      Let me be clear. I wasn’t calling the anonymous poster a doofus.

    • Ralfast

      Completely wrong on the 5.56 round, as it still a high powered rifle round with significant higher muzzle velocity than an AK-47, and the rounds tends to spin inside the body expanding the wound area.

      Neither weapon is good for hunting anything, since they are overpowered, they can even take down bull elephants in the grasslands of Africa with ease, which makes dealing with poachers a nightmare.

      Even you rely on the 2nd Amendment to keep you free (mind you that the government not only has assault rifles, but tanks and attack helicopters paid with your taxpayer dollars) is a tad too late.

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  • Gasho

    The 2nd amendment was probably a critical element of freedom when it was written — to keep those in power slightly in check by allowing “the people” to arm themselves.

    The eventual consequences of this tactic, however, have been tragic. Let’s face it. The guaranteed ownership rights and mass proliferation of highly advanced weapons simply makes life more dangerous.

    Power isn’t always asserted by an armed physical confrontation, as it turns out. Take for example, the corporate ownership of the majority of our wealth, media, political power, and legislation — this isn’t something you can shoot your gun at… but it can rob you and take your house just the same. And if you DO get frustrated and try to use your gun to solve the problem, you’ll just end up shooting yourself in the foot.

  • brh166

    She is trying to sight down a rifle with no sigths. No scope or flip up Iron sights. That is what annoys me about this photo now that I see it.

  • hiltop

    What a phony.
    I’d hate to be the winger standing next to her on the range (let alone a fire-fight), her stance (i.e. the total lack thereof) screams: I’m about to flag everyone on my left once I squeeze the trigger and the recoil knocks backwards and to her left.
    She so obviously has never held a weapon (like that) before.
    Oh, and aiming down the site like that (from such an inadequate firing stance)….she must really want her nose broken.

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