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August 21, 2010

Go Tell it on a Mountain: An Update on One Wounded Warrior

<em>Ron Edmonds / AP</em>
Ron Edmonds / AP

I guess this caption is supposed to set minds to rest?

In this July 25, 2007 file photo, President Bush, center, shakes hands after jogging, with wounded veterans Army Sgt. Neil Duncan, left, and Army Specialist Max Ramsey, right, on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington. Duncan lost both legs in Afghanistan and Ramsey lost his leg in Iraq. Duncan summited Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro on Saturday Aug. 7, 2010 with war veterans Dan Nevins who lost his legs in Iraq and Kirk Bauer who lost a leg in Vietnam. Photo: Ron Edmonds / AP.

  • black dog barking

    GWB propped up by the troops; physically, visually, literally and figuratively. Bush’s presidency in a single photo. Hail to the chief.

  • WW

    Wishful Caption:

    Former US President, now war criminal & terrorist George W. Bush finally placed under citizens arrest by severally wounded Iraqi Veterans while out running to escape responsibility for his actions, lies and deceit.

    If only.

  • hindzeit

    vladkyrie riddance

  • Wayne Dickson

    To be “fair and balanced,” shouldn’t every picture like this be paired with one of, say, a grave marker? an Iraqi child who has no access to this kind of care? a U.S. Marine who will never recover physically and/or psychologically?

    Yes, we need positive stories as well as negative; we need hope to counter despair. But we need even more to know the real cost of our colonial misadventures.

    BTW, WW, let’s not forget that he was already a war criminal well before his presidency became “former.”

    • WW

      Wayne, great points on fair and balance, and of course he is and was a war criminal before he became a former President… poor phrasing on my part. Point taken.

  • g

    What’s interesting about this photo, visually, is that Bush is the one who looks disabled. The two servicemen are dominant and their bodies are expressive, fluid, connecting humanly (eye contact, voice, grip – while Bush looks hunched, right, remote, motionless, static, clenched. he looks paralyzed, powerless. They look powerful, dominating.

  • Jaliya

    Agree with g — “Bush is the one who looks disabled.” Before I clicked through to this article and saw that the photo was taken in 2005, I wondered if this was a recent shot — Bush looks like he’s on the verge of old-man-hood, and yes, he looks like he’s being propped up by these supposedly “disabled” men. I can’t help but think of the quotation, “Old men create wars for young men to die in.”

    The coddled, perennial frat-boy propped up by two *real* men. Sickening.

    I want to take those two men back in time … and give them their legs back …

  • Marsupialas

    He looks like he’s trying to get away from them, trying to shrug them off. His shoulders are up. He could be pulling his hands away but they’re holding on. A very uncomfortable shot.

  • acm

    why are we talking about this right now? didn’t we already discuss this at the time it occurred? did I miss some new development in the stories of these men??

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