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August 29, 2010

A 2nd Reason Glenn Luther King Hit it Out of the Park in DC – They Left the Signs at Home

©Biketripper/wtcoyle via Flickr
©Biketripper/wtcoyle via Flickr

Having his “flock” refrain from bringing any signs to the praise-heavy folk rally at the Washington Memorial, the clever Beck did more than just conjure up the appearance of sanctity and kumbayah. He also removed the overwhelmingly hateful and poisonous signature element the media and the public has come to identify the Tea Party by.  (Here’s Bag contributor Nina Berman’s capture of Tea Party signs, among countless examples.)

Beck managed to take it way beyond that, however, succeeding in transferring the “sign baggage” on this pseudo-spiritual day onto the counter-demonstrators. (If you watch this TPM video, it seems the Tea Partiers were actually trained and prepared to respond to counter-demonstrators, including this offended black woman, by evoking the name and temperament of Dr. King.)

As a result — as you can see in the Flickr photo taken by Biketripper and used by permission — it’s Dr. King’s natural constituency this day that ends up sporting the tinfoil hats, and standing out for the qualities of hysteria and aggression.


1st Reason Glenn Luther King Hit it Out of the Park in DC — Visual Media Swallowed the King Sham

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  • Zoey & Me

    This was a modern day Klan rally and nothing more. The all white, less bright, from grassroots America, hoodwinked by a snake oil salesman who made a point to dishonor the hallow ground where Dr Martin Luther King spoke 47 years ago. In one word? Pathetic.

    • Joe

      Comment by Zoey & Me is an absolute insult to me and probably everyone else there yesterday. You don’t like nor agree with what you hear so the best you can do is just slam everyone you oppose as being “less bright” than, well I suppose you. You are right – you are pathetic.

      And you Mr. Shaw – pseudo-spiritual day?! I assume by that, you mean Mr. Beck is a disingenuous person. A deceiver such that thousands would travel from around the country (I heard around the globe, but don’t want to speculate on what I personally cannot validate) to be there, with nothing better than to buy… I forgot, what was it he was selling? Oh yeah, faith, hope and charity (Charity that raised millions in support of Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s families. Oh but maybe that wouldn’t concern you; they only keep you safe and allow you to be – well whatever you are). Well, that wouldn’t be any different than you posing as a journalist and thousands coming to you with the story. And what is the purpose of this virtual rag when you use a popular public figure to promote your agenda, in a sarcastic, negative, divisive manner. If you want me to believe you actually are a real, true, believable journalist – then you would at least take some things for what they are or prove they are not. I say, make an intelligent case at least. Even I can have an opinion based upon hypothesis and speculation. I’ve got an idea – how about at least basing something on a fact. Where’s the inside story here? Where’s the proof? Let me repeat – Pathetic!

    • Twinky P*

      Wait, that was a teabagger convention? I thought it was the stupidest White Weight Watcher meeting evah, with the clown prince of hucksterism and the queen of quitters presiding, hoping to cash in on the rubes’ endless quest to lose weight while eating like pigs. Looks like they’ll pull in a lotta loot; how much you want to bet their “charity” gets nothing?

      But successful? I think Joey here is your answer. The ‘baggers have been marginalizing the godbots up ’til now, so Beckerhead saw a new revenue stream just waiting to be tapped and turned into Pastor Whitey. The corporations behind this fake “movement” don’t care how they reel the rubes in, as long as they’re registered to vote, and will come out for the GOP in Nov. As you can see, there are lots of Joes around, ready to believe whatever they’re told to believe in the hopes of belonging to a group that shares their hatred of their betters. Gotta admit, in this economy, finding ready cash in a well of hatred is pretty clever.

    • g

      Let’s wait and see how much of the proceeds remain to be given to charity after covering event expenses. Beck has promised financial transparency. Let’s see if he keeps his word.

    • Glenn May

      Joe’s well-stated comment merits a response.
      Although I believe that Mr. Beck, Limbaugh et al are very dangerous for the country – and especially for the freedoms they claim to protect – I agree with Joe that the name-calling in American politics has gotten out of hand. No one wins arguments by merely stating that they have a monopoly on intelligence.
      What troubles me about the vitriol against Obama, Joe, is precisely the issue to which you have drawn attention – the lack of facts. The tea partiers see Obama as a socialist, but on what grounds? Health Care reform is clearly a big part of the right’s discontent. While this is a big change in one aspect of American life, I can hardly see how this merits claims that Obama is redder than Karl Marx, or a closet Muslim, or the Joker in blackface. Other excuses for the anger fall even shorter of being believable. Economic bailout plans? Well, Bush started those, and I don’t recall any rallies on Washington then, much less remember any talk about the need to “reload.”
      So where does this anger come from? Obviously, economic times are bad. But have you all really forgotten that the collapse was well under way under GW?
      The fact of the matter is that the U.S. economy has been reshaped by the neocons from the ground up. Anything that gets in the way of this quarter’s profits (and this CEO’s massive bonus) must be eliminated, even if that means the export of the entire U.S. manufacturing base. Other countries have not suffered the same fate. Research Germany if you don’t believe me. There, factories have worker’s councils who get a say in the decision to close their factory. The result? Germany is the world’s leading exporter and its kept its factories. What has the U.S. been doing meanwhile? Besides starting unwinnable wars?
      Is the $1 trillion spent on Afghan/Iraq Obama’s fault? Was the housing crisis Obama’s fault? Was the utterly unsustainable increase in medical costs Obama’s fault? I mean, come on!
      So yes, Joe, I agree that there is too much trash-talking. But like others on the left who are riven to frustration, I really can’t see why the outrage is so focused on a president who has been in office for two years, inherited two wars and a ruined economy? Is this really reason to suspect he’s a Muslim hell-bent on the destruction of the U.S. as we know it?

  • Squeaky McCrinkle

    Hey Joe, sent any cash to Nigeria lately?

  • Elaine

    So…..When are you going to put up a photo of Al Sharptons counter -ralley – you know – the one that shows it was mostly black and had lots of hate signs and oh..oh. I almost forgot – it had a heck of alot more people than Becks?

    • TheTinMan

      Elaine breathlessly wonders: “So…..When are you going to put up a photo of Al Sharptons counter -ralley – you know – the one that shows it was mostly black and had lots of hate signs and oh..oh. I almost forgot – it had a heck of alot more people than Becks?”

      And what, exactly, would the comparison of images, alleged number of attendees or your perception of “hate signs” teach us?

      Not every story needs to be watered down with faint attempts at ‘balance’ or ‘fairness’.

    • Squeaky McCrinkle

      I hate to be pedantic, but it’s rally, not “ralley”.

  • Elaine

    Here is the photo you should put up and discuss -

    • AJ

      Not much to discuss other than the fact that the teabag rallies had a LOT fewer people present, thus the condition of the grass. Nothing more mysterious or meaningful than that. The comments on that page, though – sheesh – not real bright, are they?

  • Kay

    @Joe The fact that you took the pilgramage to attend that farcicle rally means that you are a moron to begin with. Local nazi chapters often holds rallies & meetings which include efforts to raise money for their local churches and other groups. That doesn’t negate their ultimate mission. Since the start of religion, people have used it as a cover to veil their malicious intentions and evil views.

    Glen Beck is nothing than an individual who takes pleasure in inciting hate, whipping up people into a frenzy and using his forum to spread ignorance and misinformation.

    • TheTinMan

      Kay furiously punched the keys at her keyboard and opined: “Glen Beck is nothing than an individual who takes pleasure in inciting hate, whipping up people into a frenzy and using his forum to spread ignorance and misinformation.”

      Since you seem to be some sort of expert in this area, Kay, how exactly does a person “spread ignorance”?

      I cannot fathom how a person might “spread ignorance” to (one assumes) someone equally or perhaps even more ignorant than the person allegedly attempting to “spread ignorance”.

      Then again, the arrogance and disdain of a person who stakes out a superior position to, and superior knowledge of, the people involved in a public event such as Mr. Beck’s is hardly the person to which one might turn for an objective opinion.

    • AJ

      TheTinMan – one spreads ignorance by reinforcing it; by making the ignorant proud of their ignorance. Very simple really – and when combined with hatred and fear, as it is combined by Beck – it is a very potent and dangerous combination. It also makes Beck and his cohorts a lot of dough – thus their efforts.

  • TheTinMan

    AJ rubs his chin and blurts: “TheTinMan – one spreads ignorance by reinforcing it; by making the ignorant proud of their ignorance. Very simple really – and when combined with hatred and fear, as it is combined by Beck – it is a very potent and dangerous combination. It also makes Beck and his cohorts a lot of dough – thus their efforts.”

    Ahhhhh, I seeeeee. And yet, the question remains: do any of these ignorant people know that they are ignorant? Or is it merely the learned folks peering over the fence and wrinkling their noses who surmise that the chain of ignorance is forged link by link?

    Surely in order to “spread ignorance” one must find that they are ALL ignorant, as in the blind leading the blind. Or is it that the leaders at the head of the chain are simply playing on the gullibility of their moronic adherents?

    In any case, the assumption that Mr. Beck is a foolish Pied Piper of sorts and that his followers are all idiots and cretins scrambling over each other to snatch at the crumbs of his loaf of bread is, at best, short sighted. There certainly must be someone in that crowd of 300,000 who has an IQ above 125.

    Idiots and cretins can, of course, still vote. As evidenced in our last Presidential election.

    • Valkyrie607

      Yes, TinMan – ignorance. For example, I’m willing to bet that the 100,000 odd participants in this rally probably wouldn’t believe you if you told them Dr. King was a labor organizer who believed strongly in the importance of unions.

      I’d also be willing to wager that they would have a hard time accepting King’s passionate advocacy of social justice, even to the point of advocating a minimum guaranteed income for all Americans.

      After all, Glenn Beck has denounced social justice and the cause of labor and union organizers. And yet he admires Dr. King–without ever mentioning the facts about Dr. King that would reveal the inherent contradiction in Beck’s admiration. He has glossed over and distorted the true history of the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s involvement in it. That’s what is meant by “spreading ignorance.”

  • TheTinMan

    “100,000 odd participants”? (snickering into back of hand)

    “…Dr. King was a labor organizer…”? “The Congress and the Administration are almost as indifferent to labor’s program as they are toward that of the Negro. Toward both they offer vastly less than adequate remedies for the problems which are a torment to us day after day.” MLK, over 45 years ago. And in every company, school, municipality, state and nation in which the unions have gained a toehold, the results are inevitable: bankruptcy, graft, make work tasks, corruption, busted budgets, closed plant doors, and federal takeovers. Unions destroy everything they touch.

    “…King’s passionate advocacy of social justice…”? Of course, Dr. King was in favor of social justice. But that was when the term ’social justice’ wasn’t code word NewSpeak for liberation theology, marxism, the redistribution of wealth and all of the usual left wing ‘isms. Social justice, as a valiant means of establishing ‘equality’ rapidly deteriorates into political machinations where some are clearly more equal than others.

    “Spreading ignorance” is not the exclusive purview of any social class, chosen profession nor large or small organization. Claims of “spreading ignorance” are mostly made as a substitute for actual recitation and repudiation of factual error. While it might seem tiresome to refute actual facts instead of applying broad brush techniques, it’s the lazy mans way of making a statement without actually making a statement.

    • psychohistorian

      You might be interested in a book called “agnotology” or you might not.

    • Valkyrie607

      You’ve basically demonstrated my thesis here. King said that the government was indifferent to labor as well as black people–and this was a problem. Then you go on to assert, without evidence, that unions “destroy everything they touch.” So, are we to extrapolate that because you think so, Dr. King would think so too, were he alive today? Despite the fact that he was actively organizing the sanitation workers’ strike when he was murdered? Like your hero, you gloss over inconvenient facts and fail to offer any of your own.

      You also assert without proof that liberation theology is code for Marxism and wealth redistribution. Do you have any evidence that Dr. King would have been opposed to wealth redistribution? There are many signs in his writing and in his speeches that he would have supported exactly that. He was called a Marxist and a communist when he was alive, and I’m sure if he were still around, Mr. Beck would be doing exactly that. Once again, you’ve shown that you’ve learned from the master–you can spread ignorance with the best of them.

      “Spreading” ignorance here refers to a very specific set of actions, which I have described in detail. It’s not a broad brush at all. But the color seems to suit you very well.

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