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August 2, 2010

#43 on Injured Reserve?

It was unsettling last week to see Bush turn up on the newswire while, at the same time, the headlines were covered with his fingerprints. Obama’s Iraq draw down? Cleaning up after Bush’s Saddam bender.  Big tax decisions looming?  Yep, the clock ticking down on the tax cuts for the rich. Wikileaks brouhaha? Well, if Bush hadn’t neglected Afghanistan after 9/11….

What’s really creepy, though, is how bad he looks.  (Just hope it’s not a warm up for the book tour.)  You’d think he’d be rested and relaxed.  The fact he looks so glassy and washed out two years out-of-D.C. — and, finally left to his own devices — just suggests how hard he had to work while in office to keep it together.  …And then Laura, with the perfection thing, is a whole other story.

George Bush, looking horrible, at Texas Rangers baseball game

Tim Sharp/Reuters

Anyway, having elected Obama for his patience and level-headedness in relief, it’s a scary reminder to see Bush so close to that baseball bat.

(Slightly edited, 8/4. 12:15am PST.)

  • black dog barking

    In his dotage he doesn’t have to sit in the cheap seats. This is a good visual metaphor for GWB, close to the action but protected front and back, screened in/out. The guy behind watching the crowd instead of the game looks to be security.

    After taking in a ball game the smaller Bush might want to head over to the Federal Courthouse in Fort Worth for the upcoming bankruptcy auction of the Texas Rangers. Bankruptcy is a topic for which he has authority whether it’s economic or moral.



    If thou wert my fool, nuncle, I’ld have thee beaten for being old before thy time.


    How’s that?


    Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.

  • serr8d

    Heh. You sick, sorry soft socialists really have the hate for your betters, don’t you? You spent 8 years hating on a man who is is far better than his successor. Then you put up his pic and say he looks somehow unfit.

    Better look closely at yours: O! seems O!lder every time I see him; tinged with gray and beginning to look, well, all plastic-Jesus-y. As if someone poured all their hopes and dreams of unrequited nirvana into an empty shell and gave it a wring.

    Good luck with your totem; and I’ll bet when he leaves office in 2013 he won’t be near as good looking as George Bush when 2015 rolls around.

    • g

      Really tugging at the ole forelock there for the approval of the upper class, aren’t you? You’re nostalgic for the days when the folks up at the Big House would give a little largess to the servants’ kids.

      As if George W. Bush were anyone’s “better” – just a rich man’s kid who had everything bought for him – and who failed at every job he ever had.

      You go on and worship him – you’re right in character.

      Meanwhile, here’s President Obama watching a sports event – President at WNBA game with Sasha – he looks pretty good to me!

    • counterintelpro-am

      poppy’s fields, forever…

    • Disgruntled

      Bush left office losing two wars and with the worst economy since the great depression. He appointed activist judges to the Supreme Court and created huge budget deficits out of the surplus Clinton left him.

      I’m no Obama lover. In my opinion, like Bush, he’s a corporate controlled war criminal. But just because Obama sucks doesn’t make the Bush Presidency a success or him a moral man.

    • Disgruntled

      oops-I nearly forgot. Bush, who once said that his favorite philosopher is Jesus Christ, brought back the Christian’s favorite method of torture to use on infidels. He has openly bragged about it. If Obama was a moral and responsible leader, instead of just a different flavor of Bush, he would be investigating and prosecuting Bush for war crimes.

    • cmac

      Wow. Takes a lot of determination to cling to one’s delusions that way, Serr8d.

      GWB was in over his head his whole life. If not the very worst, he is certainly within the circle of the three worst presidents this country ever had. It wasn’t fair to put him in the White House – not fair to him, and not fair to the country; the experience pretty nearly ruined us all.

      He looks pretty ragged in this picture. It strikes me that absent the White House polish, his outside finally matches his inside.

    • ceabaird

      Wow, “Our Betters”?? There are a lot of dead GI’s as a result of the piss-poor planning skills and lack of attention to detail from the entire cloud of idiots that made up the Bush Regime. Now, I will give you that these people were often very well educated – often by the same institutions they spend time decrying – and that they often had a large amount of native cunning.

      However, when it came down to the wire, the only thing that had any possible hold on their attention was personal, short-term, benefit. Perfect attributes for today’s business leaders, NOT for so-called “Public Servants”.

      Good riddance, I’ll be waiting to see these people spend more time in the institutions best suited for them – Maximum Security Prisons.

  • bystander

    just suggests how hard he had to work while in office to keep it together

    Really. Credit to his handlers for keeping his lid on and his collective &#!^ in a single pile while he was in office. Whoever those people were they must have breathed a sigh of relief when he left office and they could go “off duty.”

    It’s interesting to me how badly he’s aged. For comparison, I googled up images of Bill Clinton. Clearly Clinton has aged as well, but he actually looks in robust health as compared to Bush. Even Jimmy Carter who is considerably older than both looks robust compared to Bush.

    In that middle shot of the top array, Bush just looks like a mean old man. I’d argue that like most mean old men he’s rotting from the inside out.

  • chsbbob

    Finally, where he belongs, locked in a cage. With conjugal visits allowed – would he use them?

    That face …. early onset of dementia?

  • acm

    “glassy and washed out”??!? he clearly has the look of upper class decadence — too much time in the sun on his yacht and the golf links has given him a weathered and sunburnt look, and too much time drinking in his younger days have left him a little spacy and dissipated. just about what you’d expect. he’s not going to get brighter and more centered in his retirement, and in the absence of a support staff, probably just reverting to a 7-year-old’s definition of fun times…

    • cmac

      Interestingly, I see nothing of upper-class decadence here. I see a grizzled old man with a hangover. Unshaven, hair uncombed, glassy-eyed, beaten. It’s sad and infuriating at the same time. Two years ago this guy was the ‘leader’ of the Free World.

    • acm

      Well, it’s not “upper class” like movie stars; it’s the old-money style of upper class leisure, which produced L.L. Bean. The seersucker shirt, open at the collar, is a classic example of the weekend “casual” wear of this group. I’ve known many folks like that. Of course, the ball game is a less typical setting than the club house after a golf game, but W has had a lifelong baseball obsession, so it makes sense here.

    • acm

      (I hadn’t even realized that there were more photos!) The man sitting next to him in the pink shirt is in the same patrician category — compare their garb to the more usual t-shirts, etc., in the crowd behind them.

  • Gasho

    It’s no surprise to me that he’s gotten 10x older since leaving his seat of power. He was a sadistic ruler put in power by others who *used him* to further their rotten plans (..quite literally plans of world domination).

    But he enjoyed the torture porn, the spying, the massive handouts to his rich donors, the rockets, missiles, and drones; the soldiers and mercenaries he could use to invade foreign lands. All these things got him juiced – kept him young. But once the game is over, the memories don’t give you the juice… they just linger like the stench the day after a wild party.

    Indeed, the beer on the floor is barely dry and very sticky. Bush may not speak the language of karma, but Christ’s idea of karma is JUDGEMENT. There’s just no way for an old man to escape it – no matter what it’s called.

    It’s bad enough for your dad to come home from a business trip to find teenagers drunk in his house with puke all over, but when your party left hundreds of thousands DEAD and it’s GOD the FATHER who’s wielding the stick.. it’s enough to make a guy age before his time.

  • matt

    of course these are just the photos you chose to post here, but it certainly looks like he’s frowning. even at a baseball game.

  • John Powers

    Pictures of W have always made me cringe a little and that makes it hard for me to “read” them. But Laura Bush truly looks relieved. For an administration so attuned to media presentation, it always seemed she was poorly served by their media handlers.

    • Disgruntled

      You are a bit easy on a woman who sleeps with a known torturer and war criminal who is responsible for the suffering, wounding, maiming and deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings.

      But hey-let’s not be judgmental. let’s not look backward but look forward to building a new and greater nation.

  • APB

    I was never a fan of GWB. Hated a lot of his policies, but not the person. In general, he has carried himself respectfully since departing the office. Perhaps the aged look comes from not having to apply any make-up that the POTUS probably has to deal with all the time. The pic without the nets shows a relaxed man, as far as I am concerned. The pic where he is shaking hands with the Ranger (Mike Young??) is certainly not doing him any favor — if anything perpetrating the Bush as a cartoon imagery that many of us have.

    • Disgruntled

      The person, GWB, is a self admitted torturer. A war criminal responsible for enormous suffering death and destruction. the policies are his. The responsibility are his. he should be on trial in the Hague. And Obama should be there with him.

    • g

      I have to agree that Bush has behaved respectfully since leaving office. Unlike Cheney and certain other former administration officials. I’ll give him that.

  • Skippy

    I never bought the spin that W was sober (much less that jeebus saved him from the bottle). I predict history will reveal the pretzel-choke for what it was: a drunken fall.
    [] In these pics, his face full of broken capillaries looks like an active heavy drinker.

  • thomas

    Considering how intensely divisive, reckless, erratic and destructive those eight years were, seeing Bush and his circle today engaged in even the most mundane activities feels deeply appalling.

  • Glenn May

    Look, we all know the GOP essentially sends marionettes out to play the role of president. It worked so well with Reagan you can’t really blame them for doing it with GW or now with Palin. That does not excuse GW or Reagan for their crimes, but we should remember that it is the American people who were dumb enough to take these fools seriously in the first place. If GW had been laughed off the stage – as anyone with a modicum of intelligence should have done – there never would have been a Florida vote count to begin with.
    GW has gone silent because there is no longer need for someone to tell him what to say. Cheney can speak for himself now, and is doing so. The less we hear from GW – or think about him – the better.

    • Gasho

      I can’t agree entirely. I don’t want to hear the fool speak, either, but if he never gets brought to justice for the many serious crimes he’s committed, then it sets the precedent that Presidents are actually above the law – and that is a major blunder. We’ll be destroyed if we let the rule of law become optional for those with extreme power.

      First and foremost, he must be held accountable for waging war in the absence of a real and present threat. Wars kill. Killing without any self-defense justification is murder. This man is a murderer. A society that allows it’s murderers to go untried and unpunished has basically fallen into some form of lawlessness. Same goes for torture.

      No, indeed, GW fading away is NOT ok.

    • cmac

      From these pictures, I’m not sure he’s able to speak clearly. He looks like he’s completely out of it.

  • RhZ

    Uhh, it kinda looks to me like he is mugging for the camera, with his wife laughing about it. Especially in the middle pic.

  • Tinwoman

    Red-faced, probably been drinking again. Less at stake this time, so it’s much more obvious. Laura doesn’t just look drugged, as usual, she looks like she’s been replaced by a robot. She also looks 20 years younger than her husband. Somehow I’ve always admired these brittle upper crust Stepford Wives for having the fortitude to hold it together so long. I never could.

    • thomas

      Of course she also has the advantage of knowing exactly how many people she’s killed, where George has to deal with round numbers.

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