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July 31, 2010

Sarah Palin: America by Heart (Ca-Ching!)

Part of a contract rescued from a dustbin by students at the California State University, where Palin is due to give a speech in June, showed she had insisted on being flown there from her home in Alaska either first-class or on a private plane (“must be a Lear 60 or larger”), on being given a suite and two single rooms in a “deluxe hotel”, on being provided with “all meals and incidentals”, including a “laptop computer and printer (fully stocked with paper) and high-speed internet”, and – no detail being too small for her consideration – unopened water bottles with bendy straws beside them.  — from “Sarah Palin has been corrupted by wealth and fame” (The Guardian)

Sure, the cover is suffering from patriotic overkill.

For my money, though, “American by Heart” also telegraphs how much Palin — having ditched public service to become a full-fledged political celebrity — in now rolling in the benjamins. If the bejeweled flag pin has been a Palin trademark since the GOP convention, the photo showcases how much the riches are piling up.  Cocking her wrist to emphasize the bracelet, Palin’s as much showing off her bling as touting her patriotism.

But then, scoring off your celebrity and getting rich quick — isn’t that the American way (especially when political celebs can turn out books — and book tours — like sausage)?

(revised 7/31 3pm PST)

  • black dog barking

    “Is that an Electoral Vote in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

  • Ten Bears

    Doonesbury’s take today say’s it all.

  • Wordsmith

    It’s all in the packaging. It has to be when there’s no substance.

  • echo

    The banality of evil.

    The devil won’t appear flaming red with horns and hooves.
    He’ll adopt a clever disguise.

  • jmac

    Family and faith? Where’s the cross? Where are the kids? Does patriotism trump the others?

  • bill

    I can’t quite put my finger on it (hairdo? bling? smile?) but does she now look more “mature”? Is there an attempt to imply that her thoughts, her approach to things, is now more wise, more intelligent, than in her first outing? Is that what the “maternal” Mama Grizzly persona is all about? She always wore religion on her sleeve–maybe that’s the only thing that was really working for her. So the “whore” approach (Runners World pictures, breast implants) is now giving way to the “Madonna”, perhaps a way of reaching Independent Women, a voting block with which she polls poorly? One extreme or the other, I guess.

    Yup, it’s all just packaging with these guys.

  • Michael Shaw

    bill, it was notable to me when I was studying this that her arms block out any pendant she might be wearing. Although it’s not symbolized on her body, though, the word “faith” still is centered in the subhead.

    I also thought the picture is much more subdued. Seems the gray sweater has a lot to do with it, making Palin more “colorless,” particularly in contrast to the strong red letters of her name. My guess is that her new handlers want to tone her down if she’s serious about running in ‘12 — or, at least, play it safer with something as visible/durable as a book cover, while turning up the fire in more transitory encounters, such as speeches.

    • Christina

      I think you got this exactly right. The medium gray color and also the softness of a knit sweater take the edge off what has been known as her signature look. The makeup is very soft too.

      If her hand is blocking a cross or other pendant, that’s also a deliberate choice, although I don’t think so – there’s no evidence of a chain on the side of her neck.

    • Aurora

      Part of the ’softening’ is that this cover forgoes the red-white-n-blue of her previous effort. It’s been Photoshopped for a mature, wise, Earth Mother color palette.

      Pathetic yet probably very successful effort at packaging.

    • bill

      With HER brand of Christianity, the USA flag IS a religious symbol.

  • DEO

    OMG, that cover! $arah looks like she is hawking bracelets for QVC!
    WHICH IS PROBABLY what she will do!

  • g

    Photoshopped grey eyes. Her real eye color is brown.

  • thomas

    I like the combination of the full, close-up face and that the book advertises itself as “reflections,” reiterating the dynamic previously discussed here of Palin’s mirroring of her audience.

  • cranky old batt

    I am getting and “all style and no substance” vibe from this big time. I am sure that is the opposite of the desired effect but they nailed jumping the shark on this.

    Photoshopped eye color? Seriously?

  • Ken

    What a GORGEOUS picture! Regard “ditched public service”…I wonder if *YOU* would’ve quit if Democraps sent operatives to your home state to file 15+ bogus ethics charges to which you personally had to pay a HALF-MILLION Dollars of your family’s money, plus costing your state money, time and resources. They’ve could’ve bankrupted somebody but noooooo….lets not talk about that. Sarah’s decision was the only logical decision.

  • Anna

    Definitely toned down and earthy. I think it is an attempt to take the edge off of her all the way around. Less CONTRAST to her face. She originally looked quite cartoonish- a patriotic, sexy librarian with a bit of a crazed look in her eyes and those bright red heels. Speaking of her eyes, they DO look photo-shopped lighter. Neutral colors may make her look less extreme. She will need MODERATE, independent voters to win so perhaps the softened look will make someone think she is something other than a narcissistic, money-hungry, vindictive barricuda.

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