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June 6, 2010

White House: Aw Shucks

Charles Dharapak/AP
Charles Dharapak/AP

Frank Rich’s point yesterday was that Obama — by being overly deferential to industry and the status quo — is merely working the edges of the oil catastrophe.

Many of the news photos from Friday seem to back that up.  This AP shot, for example, is representative of several close-ups of Obama’s third visit to the oil-stricken Gulf.  The context (more pics) is an informal lunch with residents at a bait shop and boiled seafood restaurant in Grand Isle, La.

The unflattering photo takes aim at the President’s gesture of solidarity with the locals. Using the look of the  convenience store owner as a non-verbal editorial, the message is that the President — partaking of the spoils of the Gulf in the name of focusing on the spoilage — is going through the motions, there to indulge his own PR needs more than to serve the situation.

Saul Loeb/Getty Images


This Getty shot echoes the same attitude, with Obama and his Spill Admiral, Thad Allen, at an airport field house on Friday looking all too rote.

  • matt

    and powerless.

    are you really gonna eat that?

  • Thirdeye Pushpin

    How does one become empowered in this situation. It is through right action, and the right action is so threatening to our collective status quo that what I see in Obama’s expression is our own collective denial at what it means to completely transform our energy usage. To become empowered Obama will have to inspire/agitate us beyond our comfort zone. I see the look of a man fearful of that challenge, or worse unable to consciously see it.

    Of course, debarring BP and constructing a climate oriented sustainable energy policy will bring the wolves in the hen house ( or the operatives in the white house ) chawing down on OB

  • nikto


    Shoulda’ elected a Progressive.

  • serr8d

    Just a bit self-serving, I’d say.

  • lytom

    Second picture:
    Doesn’t seem like they have much in front of them: Obama has a single sheet of paper in front of him…looking like he should look, concerned, yet the looks seem to be somewhere else…
    Spill Admiral looks like he is going through an address book ready to stick a postage on, real busy and concerned on that little job.
    The background Deepwater Horizon Response is not convincing either… and the oil flows and flows…while Obama eats shrimp.

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